Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm looking at the arrows, and they're not doing anything!

Thanks to all those who have written me. I won't be able to respond to everybody, since I need to get some packing done, but I'll try my best.

So Last Thursday, I had a really high tempurature, went to the health clinic, who sent me off the MTC campus out into the world to a doctor.   I found out I was getting strep throat. On Friday I took two 3 hour naps, and felt a lot better on Saturday. My throat never even hurt that much so
that was awesome. That's definitely the fastest time I've recovered from being sick, which was an awesome blessing.

Saturday: My mind was enlightened and past subjunctive become clear in my head, I shouted for joy.

Fast Sundays are awesome, with a 2 hour mission conference, sacrament meeting, and then a fireside in the evennig. So much learning and instruction in one day, so awesome!

Monday: in class, Elder Spear and I had an awesome teaching experience, where we both felt the
Spirit, both Testified and worked togther to teach really well. It's moments like that here that
make me so excited to get to the mission field and teach the Gospel to the people in Georgia!!
Teaching by the Spirit is amazing!

Tuseday, we had another awesome lesson with our progressing investagator. Our teacher told us
beforehand that we would teach the lesson with our eyes closed as a learning experienece. We
started the lesson, and then the lesson didn't go how we planned  at all, and we ended up adressing a concern she had. Having our eyes closed really helped us understand the importance of listening to the investigator and the Spirit, and we did both of those. After the lesson, we felt like we had said what she needed to hear, and it was just another awesome experience.

I've really learned a lot here. There are so many important things missionaries do, focous on and think about to be able to listen to the Spirit, to teach by the Spirit, to help the investigators feel the Spirit. With all the practice we've had here, we're almost there! In the field, we're going to learn so fast.

So, as a recap of the MTC, I've managed to break to vacuum hoses (not my fault), vacuumed up a
white board marker (accident),learned a lot about myself, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching others. I've had my testimony strengthened in so many ways, and am now ready for the mission field.

The next time you hear from me, I'll be in Georgia

Elder Clark


Excerpt from a letter home per Jordan's request

"I'm so excited to leave this place and get out into the field where I won't understand anything
anybody says!  It's going to be awesome.  The weeks here in the MTC have gone fast, but the time feels like forever.

The devotional on Tuesday was about faith.  The speaker explained that the precondition for faith is hearing the gospel and having a soft enough heart to receive it.  Then after this we act on hope and will eventually receive a witness that these things are true.  Since the witness comes after the actions, we can't act on the witness.  We can only act on our hope.  That is the trial of our faith.  I will draw a diagram of this process.
(diagram deciphered and re-created by Spencer)

That's it for now.  We're looking forward to hearing from him next week!

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