Thursday, April 26, 2012

aahhh.. Very Good

Hello everybody! I mean Hola :)

So unlike other places, (like in California,) its actually not warm here yet, so I'm happy. Today, its even a nice windy day, which will make our game of dogeball/rugby/soccer with our zone nice and cool.

The most awesome experience this week was just this last Saturday. Last Saturday(something got left out here. Apparently they met a woman), we talked to her, and she said we could come back in week. Usually when we get told we can come back in a week, it means they're not gonig to be there, but she was. We taught a good lesson, with the help of the Spirit, and she agreed to offer the closing prayer. During the prayer, she started crying. Like I said, it as awesome, (not the fact that she was crying, but that she felt the Spirit.) She told us that she had never really prayed before, so it was a really good first experience. We hope that she continues to pray this week. She also told us about how she a single mother with 2 daughters, that she has to work all week and clean the house and take care if her daughters, and doesn't really have time for anything else. A lot of Latinos are in the same situation, struggling to earn enough to support their families even though the work all the time. I'm grateful to know that we have a purpose in life, that God does have a plan for us. I know that this woman felt God's love for her as she prayed, and I'm grateful to be able to help others feel His love.

Second awesome thing; in Cumorah branch (my first area), there was a baptism. Oswaldo, the one baptized, had been married to his wife who was an active member for 6 years. He never went to church, never participated in chruch activities or anything. Missionaries had been working on and off with him for years. He finally said that he knew that the chruch was true, and that he wanted to get baptized. That was an awesome experience to see him baptized and see members in that branch again.

Ever since Elder Dudley got here, we've started teaching a lot more people, which is also great. :)

Thanks everybody!
Que pasen un buen semana

Elder Clark

Monday, April 16, 2012

1 down, only 10 million more to go

Hey everybody!

So the most awesome thing that happened this week was.... Gaspar got baptized! It was an awesome baptism! The only problem was that I played the piano, and that I forgot to reserve the room for the baptism, but it all worked out in the end! One of the priests in the branch baptized him, and Gaspar said he felt really good and clean after. We were a little scared that he wasn't going to get baptized becuase the day before his baptismal interview, he still didn't have a testimony of if President Monson was really God's prophet on the earth. That night, he prayed about it, and the next day he told us that right after he prayed, he felt as if God was right next to him in his bedroom for 10 seconds. Yesterday, Gaspar asked a lot of questiones about what he needs to do to be a missionary. We even drove him around to his friends houses to try to teach them.

The second most awesome thing this week happened when we ate dinner with a Part member family. We had taught the nonmember husband a few months ago, and had invited him to be baptized, but his wife called us shortly after that and told us to not talk about baptism anymore. So we were a little disapointed. But when we went over for dinner, we were questioning him a little bit, and it turns out that now he doesn't have a single doubt that the church is true. He even decided for himself to quite drinking, even though we hadn't told him it was a commandment.So in a period of about 3 months of just going to church and seeing the example his wife set, he came to know that the church was true.

Third most awesome thing; I have pictures!

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

 Photo shoot :) the other two Elders are Elder Gamino and Elder Hunsaker. They are the other 2 missionaries in our branch.

 Gaspar ready for baptism :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Its not a visa, but its candy

Bueno bueno bueno

We had a bueno week. I know I always say that, but its becuase all the weeks are really bueno.

First off, our baptism this Saturday is of course exctiting. The joven (young man) we're teachnig tried to set up 2 other lessons last week so we could teach his friends. He really has a strong testimony and wants to share it with everybody. When ever we meet with him outside, he tells us "hey, go talk to that person about God." He'll be an awesome missionary in the future. :)

Friday, we had people flocking to hear our message, well, kind of. We walked up to a group of 5 people sitting, and we started talkng to them. While we were talking, somebody else that was was a little farther away moved closer to listen to us, and then 6 or seven kids showed up and sat down to. It was the biggest audience I've ever had. After, when we asked who would like to hear more, the one guy in the back raised his hand, (its always the guy in the back.) We asked when we could come back, and he told us "tomorrow," so we did. We had an awesome lesson, and then he accepted an invitation to be baptized. After he said yes, I was trying to think of a date for which he could prepare himself. My companion beat me to it and invited him to be baptized on the 5th of May. For those that don't get it, in spanish its 'cinco de Mayo.' Right after that, we went to another apointment, and that person accepted to be baptized to. :)

Well, thats my short report for the week.

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tortilla, el tenador de mexico (the fork of Mexico)

Buenos dias!

Yet again, another awesome week has gone by, with the unstopable pollen gone, listening to General conference, and speaking in Spanish is just really fun too. :)

Our investigator that's going to get baptized in 2 weeks is on fire! He told us he feels peace and Joy when he reads the Book of Mormon, and can notice a difference between when he does and doesn't read. He understands everything we teach, and has no doubt that everything we teach comes from his Heavanly Father. Friday, we went over, and his friend was there, so we explained to his friend about the Book of Mormon, and we had him bear his testimony to his friend about the Book of Mormon. He also wants us to teach his girlfriend, so we'll be teaching her, along with him and his friend, tomorrow. :)

I love inviting everybody to be baptized, its awesome. One day, we had three people that we had just met in the street tell us they would be. One of them was even a youth pasture from another church. None of them were hispanic,, so we passed them over to the English Elders.

We're excited, lots of awesome things are happening right now. I know that this is the Lord's work, and that He helps us. I've seen it, I know that all of what we've seen happen wouldn't have been possible with out Him.

I hope you all can recognize the Lord's hand in your life.

Have an awesome week, and we'll talk again soon.

Elder Clark