Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You like getting the mail? We like to do that to!

Welcome one and all.

Well, this week was another week full of tracting and teaching new people. The hard part about missionary work is not finding people to teach, because many people will let you teach them. The hard part is finding people who will accept the Gospel and not lose interest after the first lesson. At least Elder Rallison has gotten a lot of practice teaching the Restoration. Even with his limited time studying Spanish, he could teach the whole lesson by himself for 30 minutes. He is definitely going to speak Spanish better than I do.

Yesterday, on Sunday, we got to help a member move. I know, on Sunday. In Spanish branches, its almost like anything goes. (no, not really) They just live in such different circumstances than we long time USA folks are used to. I really do love the people though.

We've found a couple of people with a lot of potential, and we'll be having our second lessons with them this week. One of them, a young father, surprised us with his life story. We went over just to check if he was able to get work off so he could go to church on Sunday, and he ended up telling us about how terrible his past was, what he did wrong and what happened to him. I couldn't believe we were talking to a man that used to do all of that, because now he's just like a big teddy bear, humble and kind, looking for the truth. I know people can really change, can be happier, can get rid of their guilt, shame, sins, can overcome trials, all through Jesus Christ as we follow him.

Another great example of that is Patricia, who got baptized 2 weeks ago. Her Son got baptized this last Sunday, and she gave a short talk at the baptism. She shared how she had been searching for the truth for 6 years, and how the Gospel answered questions that nobody else could answer, and how much happier she was now that she found the truth. I'm not able to visit her anymore in person, but from what I've seen at church and heard from Elder Cram and Elder Henson, she is so much happier. Following Gospel really does bring miracles, not the least of which is it makes us happy.

Hasta la proxima semana

Elder Clark

 Ford knew that Elder Rallison was coming to Georgia

Patricia's son, Ezequiel, in white

Monday, October 22, 2012

The 5 minute lecture

I'm pleased to report that I am still alive and well.

Elder Rallison has no fear at all of talking to people, even in Spanish. I was so scared when I first started, but he'll just talk without any problems. Amazingly, he has avoided having any extremely funny or awkward new missionary experiences. What a lucky guy. He did get to help somebody move for the first time on his mission though last Saturday. Just one of hundreds of delightful experiences of carrying washing machines and dryers up 2 flights of stairs while on his mission. :)

We've had a lot more success this week than last week in finding people that will let us come back. We still haven't gotten in twice with anybody yet, except for with one part member/less active family. We also found, thanks to the help of a member, a less active member that hadn't come to church in a few years. We invited them to church this past Sunday, and they came! We also set a record on Sunday of handing out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon in 3 hours. Its all because Elder Rallison has the greenie fire. I wonder sometimes if we give them out to easily, but everyone we give it to says they'll read it, and that is what we want them to do with it, so I guess not.

Scripture time: Proverbs 28:25
He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat.

Lesson: Those of us skinny people out there, we are clearly not trusting in the lord enough.

I'm thankful to be able to be a member and missionary of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, and I love sharing that with others.

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mini Mexico

Hello to one and to all from Gainesville, Georgia, the poultry capital of the world. I know, very exciting. Its actually really good for us, because there are a few giant chicken processing plants here, and most of the workers are Hispanic. I've never seen so many Hispanics in one city before. There are trailer parks galore with hundreds of people to talk to everywhere! We'll never run out of places to knock doors, which is is pretty much what we've done these last few days.

My new companion, Elder Rallison, has been taking all the door knocking well. He's from Salt Lake City, and has the best spanish out of any new missionary I've ever heard. He speaks way better than I did when I was new. He told me the trick was that while he was in the MTC, he tried to talk the whole time in Spanish like you're supposed to, but nobody actually does. Elder Rallison's MTc companion, Elder Henson, is actually being trained by Elder Cram, so they're in the same branch. They both bore their testimonies on Sunday at Church, and Elder Rallison's Spanish blew Elder Henson's Spanish out of the water. I'm proud of my new companion. :) Everybody says we're like twins, not in the fact that we look like and are both tall, but personality and behavior. So that basically means we're both awkward.

For those of you who aren't counting how long out I've been out, today I hit 16 months.

On Sunday, Patricia got baptized. It was definitely a super quick turn around. On Tuesday, the day before I left for Gainesville, we invited her to be baptized, and she said she would. Then we invited to be baptized this last weekend, and she accepted. Elder Cram's new companion, Elder Henson, got to baptize her, his very first Sunday in Georgia.

We're still trying to find people to teach, but with the number of doors we're knocking, we'll find people.

Espero que disfrutan su semana!

Elder Clark

Patricia in white! Her kids would not look at the camera in any of the photo's. Elder Rallison is farthest away from me, and Elder Henson is the one in white.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Why wouldn't you got to the church with 2 pies?

October 7th, the day it got cold in Georgia. That’s right, cold season is here, and Elder Cram is not happy about it.

So this has been a week of unexpected, from investigators to transfers to conference. 

I'll start with our investigators, because they're the whole reason I'm out here anyway. Our top investigator, Patricia, has changed a lot this week. It started with a dinner at a member’s house on Monday, where the member was able to help answer a lot of her questions. After that and coming to church, she seemed more interested. She even texted us one night and told us to pray for her that she can understand the Book of Mormon when she reads it. I've never had an investigator ask me that before. She was also doubting that there could be a prophet today, but after she read the Book of Mormon, she was willing to go to General conference. Even though she only saw the last half an hour of one session, it was President Monson she heard, so that worked out good. 

Now, for transfers..... This is going to blow your mind. We get a call from the assistants. We knew they were calling us to tell us Elder Cram was going to train. He answered the phone, but they wanted to talk to me. They told me I was training, and then hung up. We were so confused because I did not expect to train, and President Wolfert told Elder Cram already that he was training. So we sat there for 5 minutes with stunned looks on our faces, and then the assistant called again. I answered, and they wanted to talk Elder Cram this time, and told him he was training also. We're both training! So, I'm going to whitewash Gainesville, which is the other half of our branch. so even though I already said goodbye to the whole branch, I'm staying in it. Yeah, smooth move on my part. For those who aren't familiar with the term whitewashing, it means me and my new companion are going to replace both missionaries that are there, which doesn't usually happen, usually only one changes.

Conference was awesome! It’s so great that we have a living Prophet and Apostles, and that we can listen to them. 

Thanks everybody. You all are awesome! 

Elder Clark    

The photo is Elder Thompson and I on exchange. I'm not giving a thumbs down the the Book of Mormon, but to the fact it’s not Spanish

Monday, October 1, 2012

A long night in the arm chair

Buenos tardes a todos!

Another amazingly fantastic week has gone by. :) I just found out that my cousin received his mission call, and he's coming here, also speaking in Spanish! He's lucky because it’s the best mission ever, and it’s even better when you speak Spanish.

Elder Cram got sick of me, so he went on 2 exchanges so he didn't have to see me as much. (He's not really sick of me) I got to work with my son again, Elder Dudley, one day and one of the Zone leaders another. I felt bad for the Zone Leader, Elder Thompson, because he doesn't speak Spanish so he just got to listen to me speak mumble jumble all day.

We've been trying to rescue one of our investigators this week. By rescue, I mean get them to understand the importance of our message and not lose interest. We had a super Spiritual lesson where we threw down hard on the importance of the Book of Mormon and the church. (For those of you who don't know what throwing down means, it means teaching very boldly, not leaving any room for misunderstanding, while making it absolutely clear that this is serious business.) Well, we did a good job, and one of the daughters told us she had felt the Spirit during our lessons. We were disappointed however when they told us Sunday morning that they weren't going to come to church because they didn't want to. :( It very sad and disappointing when people have felt the Spirit, and still decide not to act or change. Still, it’s important to move on, and focus on those who are ready.

Like one of our new investigators. We were trying to find a former investigator, and his wife was there, and we explained to her the wonderful blessing it is to have the Book of Mormon. Well, she wasn't interested at all, but her daughter came up right after and asked about it, so we re-explained everything, and she let us in and we taught her. She's been searching for the truth and has had many questions that nobody else has been able to answer. When we taught her the plan of Salvation, it answered a lot of her questions. We weren't sure if she was going to come to church, but after missing the first 2 hours, and the first half of sacrament meeting, she came. Tonight, if all goes well, we'll being having dinner at a members house with her, and hopefully we can answer some more of her questions.

Since it was my last fast Sunday here yesterday, I took the opportunity to bear my testimony. Everybody cried when I told them I was leaving. Ok, not really. But since I was leaving, they decided last minute to have me give the closing prayer.

I'm super excited for General conference next week. We get to listen to the prophet! How awesome is that?

I hope you all tried your best to share your testimony with one person this week. If you have any awesome experiences, you should tell my parents, or write me at

Elder Jordan Clark
Georgia Atlanta North Mission
1150 Cole Dr. SW
Lilburn, Georgia 30047

If you didn't have the chance last week, do it this week!

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark