Monday, November 28, 2011

No pisen en un pavo

Hello my my fellow amigos.

So this week had been awesome, partly due to the facts that we finally got bikes. Sure, mine is basically a rock, but at least it works and is faster than walking. Tuesday, the first day we road them, it started pouring around in the evening, and we were biking in the rain for about an hour and a half without jackets. Yes, I was wet. But it was awesome! That day we also set the record for the most people we've talked to in one day, 17. When I say talked too, I don't mean just like "hey, here's card," I mean lhaving a conversation with them. President Wolfert, our mission president, has asked us try to do this with 10 people each day. On Wednesday, Elder Laney and I talked to EVERYBODY we saw. Sometimes it was like, "hey, there's a person across the street" or "hey, theres some kinds playing soccer 200 ft away." We talked to 34 people that day. Well, we actually probably talked to close to 50, but had converstation with 34 of them. We discovered its super easy to talk to people in apartment complexes, becuase there are so many people living so close. We left one appoint with an hour to get to another. It took us 50 minutes to go about 200 yds becuase of how many people we talked to. It ended up taking us an hour and a half to get to the next appointment, amaking us half an hour late. If we hadn't talked to anybody, we could have made it there in 10 minutes. When talknig to 34 people, we saw a lot of cool miracles. It was a good day. Now we just have to figure at the balance between talking to everybody and making to appointments on time.

Thursday, amazingly, we only ate at one members house, and at the branch's Thanksgiving party. The four of us missionaries did super funny skit at the party. I won't explain the skit, but thats where the title of this post comes from. You all should just know it was hilarious and that you should wish you could have seen it.

Skipping foward to Saturday, we went to see Stephanie, and gave her last and final batismal date. She's had other baptismal dates that have came and went, but now is her time. Her biggest hold is still smoking, so we're praying like crazy that she'll be able to quit. She really wants to be baptize, has a lot of faith and has an amazing testimony of the Gospel.

That afternoon, the english ward had a baptism, and we invited alll our investigators to it. Only one family said they would come, and gues what, they did! Tuesday, we're gonig to talk about baptism with them, becuase they had never seen a baptism like that before, and we're gonig to invite them to be baptized.

Rewind to Tuesday really fast. One of our newer investigators that we found last week basically excepted to be baptized, but they want to talk about with the dad, who was always worknig whenever we taught them. Unfortunantly, we still haven't been able to met with the whole family yet, but its coming soon.

Fastforward to Sunday. We found somebody super prepared to recieve the Gospel. We actaully had talked to the other 2 people that lived in that apartment before, and we went looking to talk to them, but then we found him. He said he was looking for something to guid him in his life, and also basically asked when he could come to church. We definitly can help him with both of these questions.

Wow, I wrote an essay today. Please don't grade it. I hope its entertaining enough to read. :)

Thanks everybody!

Pasen un bien semana

Elder Clark

Monday, November 21, 2011

There are 2 of them!

Bienos dias!

This week we discovered there were two different Ladies that sell tomales(bet I spelled that wrong) in the same complex. The new one we discovered yesterday gave Elder Laney and I one free. This is only one of the many blessings we receive as missionaries. Yes, the tomales were good.

We had another awesome week of talking to a bunch of people. You never realize how many people are around until you talk to everybody. Yep, there are a lot people. Elder Laney is pushing me and helping me become better at having conversations with people. Wow, that makes it sound like I don't know how to talk to people.

This week, we discovered that an investigator who the missionaries had been working with since before I got here is finally ready to hear the Gospel. There was an awesome Spirit as we were teaching him. In the beginning of the lesson, there were lots of distractions, but in the end, everybody else left, and we were able to teach with the Spirit. It was an awesome lesson.

With our newest investigator family, the dad and his sons have been coming to the weekly soccer games we have in the church building, and the mom has been reading in the Book of Mormon. We feel like this family is going to progress really well. We were able to have a dinner with this family in the house of our new ward missionaries, who are great at friendshipping anybody. The family still likes us, so all is well.

So with the new addition of Elder Laney and Bealer, and our branch mission leader's new wife also becoming a ward missionary, we're going to have some great things happening in our Branch. The spirit of missionary is lacking in our branch, and we're going to fix it. With all these new people that have a lot of experience with new ideas, our branch is going to be pushed back to how it used to be, with lots of missionary work done by the branch, and achieving more baptisms.

This has been the Elder Clark weekly report.

Ojala que ustedes tuvieran buenos semanos la ultimo semana, y que tengan buenas semana este semana que viene.


Elder Clark

P.S. If you can't read the Spanish, don't worry. I probably wrote it wrong anyways. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Its longer than a Giraff's scarf


You all may be wondering what is longer that a giraff's scarf. Well, lots of things. Its a phrase peruviens use.

So this morning, we got transfer calls! And guess what!?!?

I'm training!!!!!

Ok, not really. Elder Johnson is going home, and my new companion is gonig to be Elder Laney. I haven't met him, but I've heard that he's cool and he'll be an awesome companion. Yep, its exciting. He appearantly also goes home in December, so I again get to be the new missionary with the uper old missionary, wwhhoooo!!!

Elder Uffens, one of the other two Elders that lived in our apartment, is getting transfered for his last six weeks in the mission to an area he's served in before, so we're gonig to have two different missionaries in our apartment. Its gonig to be a big change, but still awesome!

So this last Sunday, I was sitting in church (I do that every sunday) and in walked in one of our investigator families! I couldn't believe they came. They had said the week before they were gonig to come and hadn't, and we hadn't been able to talk to them all week. When they showed up with their, I was so exctited! Stephanie also came, which I was excited for because we hadn't been able to talk to her all week becuase she had been super busy, and hadn't come to church the week before.

Yeah! People coming church!!! Whoo!!!

Well, there are the most exciting events of this week, but I have pictures, so it makes everything better.

I hope y'al are having as much of an awesome time as I am.

Elder Clark
This creek runs through the middle of one of the apartment copmlexes we work in

Leaves! Anywhere we look, we see trees like this. Its so beautiful this time of year here

The four of us with Stephanie and her daughter