Monday, June 25, 2012

She moved the pineapple

Well hello there,

So all the heat and Humidity decided to arrive this last week. and its only going to get hotter and more humid! I'm excited...

Despite all that heat, a little bit of rain managed to appear and drench us when we happened to be away from our car without jackets or unbrellas, because you don't usually need those things when its 90 degrees outside. I've also been working on my missionary tan, which includes a white collar and a watch tan.

This Saturday, we had some of the best food I've had on the mission. Its called Mayonessa, and its basically deepfired, breaded, marinated pork, and its super good.

So we did a lot of walking and talking and knocking and looking and searching and calling trying to find people this week, and will continue to do so until we find somebody. :) I know they're out there. Its like Where's Waldo. Yes, the Mission is like Where's Waldo.

Thanks everybody who reads my blog and sends me letters and prays for me. I appreciate it.

Elder Clark

Monday, June 18, 2012

Una Cilla de problemas

Que pasa?

The weeks are flying by, and I've officially been out for over a year, but who's counting anyways? (My parents)

I've finally met somebody from San Jose! Jasmine, one of our recent converts (baptized 2 weeks before I came here) spent like the first 2 years of her life in San Jose, and was born in the Santa Clara Hospital like me! I'm pretty sure that's the hospital I was born in, its been a while and hard for me to remember. Anyways, Jasmine is also doing awesome missionary work, and has been talking to her sister about the Church, and now her sister in interested. To bad her sister doesn't live in our area.

This last week has been the week of people inviting us to sit on their porch and talk to them about the Gospel. I love Latinos and their humility and willingness to listen, and give it a try. In one of these porch conversation, we met a family that took the discussions in Guatemala, fed the missionaries a lot, and went to church for a while. The dad actually called us over "Los Mormones!" They had some good questions for us, and they all took copies of the Book of Mormon. The daughter told us how fun it was when they would all go play basketball right after church. Keep the Sabbath day holy? I don't know anymore.....

I also got to spend a couple of days this week on a bike working as an English missionary while Elder Andreasen went to a leadership meeting. It was great to be on a bike again for a few days, and realize that I'm out of shape. :) (coming from Mr. Biker before his mission!)

Again, sorry for the Shortness, but just know that even though its short, its full of love.

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

Our last day together as a district in Mellow Mushroom (awesome pizza restaurant) 

 Ulysis and his whole family, I love the deer right above my head

They have llamas in Georgia!

We took a p-day to go to Mexico. actually 'La mejor de Michoacan" is an awesome ice cream place. Its so awesome there are 3 on the same street

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pictures 6/12

 La Familia Zamora, fed us and helped us out a lot

 La Familia Solis de Mexico, also fed us and helped out a lot, 

La Familia Abila

 La familia Lopez, with the most well behaved kids in the World

Ulysis's baptism! 
There will be more pictures next week!

Ganamos(we win)

Jordan mailed a short message yesterday(Monday) and finished his thoughts today, so here are the combined letters.

We heard it had been flooding in Alabama, so we asked Jordan about their weather

Begin forwarded message:


so I'm actually going to most of my email tomorrow, but I'll write a little bit

I don't know about the rain, and I just asked member,ans she said supuestamente its supposed to rain all week, but she doesn't know how hard or anything. The weather here recently has been weird, rain and not to hot.

My adress is:

2627 Tree Park Cir
Flowery Branch, GA, 30542

So we did finally get moved in to our apartment, and its really nice apartment, especially since missionaries haven't lived in it. (Jordan had to call me last week to get his SS# because they were moving into a new apartment)

I don't really believe I've been out almost year, and I don't really think about it until people ask me how long I've been out or my parents bring it up

Ok well, thats all for today, I'll finish tomorrow



Que pasa?

So I know everybody wants to hear about my new area and my new companion and all that, well at least my dad does. For the record, I'm serving in the Lanier Branch in the Sugar Hill Stake. I was confused about where I was going when I last emailed home, and it was a miracle that I made it here. We just moved into a new apartment in a city called Flowery Branch. Sounds super exciting doesn't it? The Atlanta Falcons training center is here though, so that makes it kind of cool.

Elder Andreasen, from Apple Valley California (Cali!!!) is my new companion. Apple Valley is about an hour east of LA. I think I might have talked about him a little bit last time, but we came to the field at the same time. He was first called to serve in English, but then got switched to Spanish when he got here in Georgia. He speaks really good Spanish, so we can both teach equally during lessons. He ran Marathons back at home, but we've only gone running once since we've been companions.

Our branch is awesome too. There is about 50 to 60 people that attend every Sunday, so a little less than the Norcross branch. The weird thing about this branch is that like half the members speak English fluently, where as in the Norcross branch there was like 2. This branch covers a lot bigger area. The last zone I was in is one of the smallest in the mission, and we only worked in like 1/5 of it, and it was all in the city. This zone not one of the smallest, and we cover half of it while the other missionaries in our branch cover the other half. Its very country out here, so we have members that live 20+ miles away from the church. Fun times :)

This Saturday, I did get to return to the Norcross Branch though. I ended up being able to see the baptism of Ulysis and Ulysis Junior. I would say that I was the guest of honor, but President and Sister Wolfert came, so they get that title. Ulysis and Junior were baptized by Ulysis's cousin, Wencis, who was baptized my first Sunday here in this branch on Christmas. It was an awesome baptism, with lots of people there, followed by a fiesta with lots of food.

In the Lanier branch this Sunday, a recent convert Antonio got confirmed, and we had an Investigator come with her 6 kids for the first time. Great things always happen my first Sunday in an area.

Well, that's the exciting news of this week.

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Does that make sense?

There is so much exciting news this week! Well, maybe only 2 things, but still.

The first is that our top to investigators, Ulysis and Ulysis Junior have commited to be baptized on the 9th, this comming Saturday! They are so ready to be baptized, its amazing how prepared by the Lord they have been.

The sad news is I won't be able to go to the baptism, but its because of the exciting news that I'm getting transferred! I do like really like this area though. I'm going to miss it, but it's good to have a change. I've been here in Norcross for 6 months, and in this zone for my entire mission. I'm going to the Lawrenceville Zone in the Sugarloaf Branch, or maybe its the Sugarloaf Zone and the Lawrenceville Branch. Quien sabe?

This week we met a lot of special people. We ran into a prohpet and somebody who was baptized into the church at the age of 4. The age of 4 was especially confusing, because I'm pretty sure the age of accountability is 8. Oh well!

Awesome, thanks Everybody, sorry for the shortness.

Have an awesome week!

Elder Clark