Monday, November 26, 2012

Turbo Charged

The week of El Dia de Turkey (a lot of Hispanics call it that) has come to end, how sad, but now we can prepare for Navidad!

For thanksgiving dinner, a member took us out to the buffet Golden Corral, apparently there are a lot of people that don't like to cook on Thanksgiving, because there were a lot of other people too. Other than that, our Turkey Day wasn't very different. We even got to stay in our apartment for 2 extra ours and plan for the coming week!

On Friday, and got to go work in Buford again with Elder Henson. I was there only 6 weeks ago, so it still feels like my area a little bit. The best thing that happened on exchange was I helped them find a less active they didn't know about. When I fist got to the area, we tried to visit this less active member, but to no avail, and we thought she didn't want anything to do with us, so we kind of just let it go. Well, 4 months later, Elder Cram and Henson knocked on the door not knowing it was a member, and she told she was Pentecostal, but let them in and talked for a little but. When I went back, after having heard she said she was Pentecostal, and asked her "You're a member right?" and she responded, "How do you know?" 1 point for the missionaries. :)

We've been teaching a young 15 year old joven that has excepted to be baptized. The odds, however, seem against her. She lives in a with 3 families that all our Catholic that don't have interest in our message. We're praying that it will all turn alright, and Miracles do happen. :)

Ojala que tenga un buen semana.

Elder Clark  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Trials are mandatory, suffering is optional

Hola! Como estan todos?

Everybody has some weeks that go by that a whole doesn't happen. There are just some weeks where you work real hard, and not very much happens. Well, this last week was one of those. But that's OK!  No reason to quit when the going gets tough. Even when things are hard, there are still always good things that happen.

One of the best things this week was hearing that one of less active members now has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. That family has progressed a lot. They went from not really understanding the church to gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon in 4 weeks. Now we just them to actually come to church, and everything will be just peachy!

We've finally also found another less active member that we've been looking for for the past 5 weeks. They have a lot of potential because her husband and most of her kids aren't members. Over time, as they feel the spirit, they'll all come back to church. The Spirit is really the one that converts. I've seen it over and over again that the Spirit is what changes people. What we say, what the scriptures say, will not change people, but the Spirit does.

Gracias a todos :)

Elder Clark

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Mormons are coming!

The weeks are sure flying by now. Everybody is telling me I'm old and going home soon, which is not true, but its makes me a little sad to think I only have 7 months left. :(
Anyways, we've been finding new people to teach this week, which is always good in missionary work. Our top investigator is still doing awesome. He didn't wan't to commit to a date for baptism, but is still progressing. His one problem is he works every Sunday and he doesn't really want to change jobs. We're going to help him understand the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy, and as he continues to feel the Spirit as he reads and prays, I know he'll find a way to come to church. 
This week, we had Zone Conference, and it was probably one of the best I've been to. All zone conferenes are awesome, but we were really Spiritually fed in this one. The Stake President came and talked about the difference between praying and "Calling upon the name of the Lord." Calling upon the name of the Lord is praying with sincerity, with intent, with necessity. He talked about how everybody, especialy missionaries, need to pray like that always, since we are doing his work. He told us if we have to push and force the work to progress, we're not doing it right and calling upon the name of the Lord, but when the work moves it self along, that's how we can know thing we're doing it right. He also talked about how he had never met anybody that regreted keeping the commandments, but he has met hundreds of people who regret not living the commandments. Yeah, they're hard to live, but when you obey them, and obey them for the right reason, you're happy. :)
President Wolfert Talked about a scripture in D&C says the Lord is able to do His own work. Well, thats pretty obvious, and we can see it today. We see today that the "Mormons" have been getting a lot of attention. We had a candidate that was running for President that was in the National spot light for months. There is a musical, "The Book of Mormon Musical" that is showing around the U.S. that makes fun of the Church, but has many people more interested in our beliefs. President told us about how the play is gonig to move to London soon, and the the play produces have put adds that take up the whole side of the 2 story busses that say "The Mormons are coming." The Lord is helping us get more attention. In the middle of all that attention, President Monson lowers the age limit, increasing the number of missionaires that can serve. Before April, we will have 11,000 more missionaries in the field increasing the number of 58,000 already serving to almost 70,000. These are exciting times to be a Mormon, and to be a missionary. 
Thanks everybody!
Elder Clark

 I work Elder Rallison really hard. After planning, he barely has enough energy to eat a small pack of skittles then he's out on the couch .

Zone Conference was like a family reunion, because I got to be with both of my sons.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Como un Jefe

Buenas tardes! 

Well, this week we found somebody had an incredible first lesson with somebody somebody! To bad they're not Hispanic, so we had to give them to the English missionaries. Anyways, we were walking through the projects (government housing) and this lady was like "Come halla at me about the Mormons," and I told her that we didn't want to holler at her, bu that we would love to share our message. She had a lot of good questions about our beliefs, and said we could come back. We finally taught her this week, and she seems so ready. She said she was looking for a good foundation for her family, and we promised her that we had what she was looking for. She easily accepted to read the Book of Mormon, come to church, and be baptized, so we hope she can continue to progress. I lot of people seem like they're interested and willing, but end up skipping appointments and ignoring phone calls, but I don't think she is one of them.

As for work in the Hispanic community, we're still looking. We're were supposed to have a lesson last week with that young father I talked about, but it got moved to today tonight. He's so awesome. We called him last night to remind him, and when he told him it was the missionaries, he got super excited and loud all of a sudden. He's been reading the Book of Mormon at work when he has the chance to, so everything so far looks awesome. 

Elder Rallison is really not a greeny at all. He has gotten into the swing of things really fast, and we'll get him his first baptism here in no time. I do have a funny story about him this week. We were leaving the apartment, and he said he felt like he had something in his shoe. He took it off, and found a live cockroach in it. It was crawling around his foot. He handled it pretty well, and he doesn't keep his shoes on the floor anymore. 

I hope every has a good week free of cockroaches,

Elder Clark