Thursday, June 30, 2011

This isn't patty-cake

Thanks to all of those that have written me. for the rest of you, if you don't write me soon, you won't get to see my cool party stamps.

So last Thursday night, my district had a shoe shinning party in my room, because I was the only one that knew how to shine shoes. The party even had cookies.

 Friday was the exciting day we got to meet our new mission presidents. Before we got to do that, we went to a special Fireside where Elder Bednar spoke. There was also 6 other apostles, hundreds of other general authorities, and the 128 new mission presidents and their wives. Yeah, it was awesome. After this fireside, we met our Mission president and his wife, President and Sister Wolfert. He was so cool, and I can tell the mission is going to be in good hands. He was excited to be a mission president, and already seemed to know exactly what he was doing. In my district, there are only three of us going to the Atlanta North Mission. When we met our mission president though, we discovered there were 8 Elders and 3 Sisters going English speaking. These other missionaries came a week after us and our leaving a month before us.  

Eventually, all the mission president left, which was kind of a good thing, becuase when they were here, we could only use half the cafeteria, so the lines were super long. Also, while the mission presidents were here, we couldn't use the Gym during Gym time, so we all went out to the field. My zone always plays sand volley ball, and we joined them for a few days. Amazingly, I'm still terrible at volleyball and can always find very intersting ways to hit a volley ball.

So we have two teachers, and this week, both roleplay as investagators for us. Every week we're here, we'll teach a lesson 4-5 times a week, which is just awesome. Even more exciting, I was able to hold my own durinng the lessons. My companion was feeling a little sick, so he didn't want to talk a lot, so I did most of the hablaring during the lesson. It made me way exctited, and I can't wait to learn more spanish and more about the gospel!

Con Amor

Elder Clark

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prone to Launder

Estoy bueno. (this means I am hot, and not temperature wise.)
Thank you to all of those who write my letters, letters make me happy. If you write using, you can send me letters for free. =)
This week has been awesome, of course. What other kind of week can you have in the MTC? We've already taught our roleplay investigator four times. I understand spanish better, but the same doesn't go for me speaking it. At the rate we have to teach lesesons, I'll pick it up in no time. Our teacher, Hermono Cummingham is way awesome, and a great teacher who really cares about our success. My district is way awesome! My companion, Elder Spear in from Arizona, and has a lot of stories about his wrestling days. All the district members are really awesome missionaries, and I have learned a lot from all of them. 
On Friday, I'll be able to meet my new mission president. The MTC this week is a little bit crazy with the addition of about 600 new missionaries plus all the new mission presidents yesterday. 
As everybody says, the days have quickened, which is a good thing.
One of my roomates here is one of those guys that messe something up or does something goofy everyday, so life here is never boring. 
I figured out I can't email home pictures while in the MTC, so pictures will wait untill I'm in the mission field.
As I'm sitting here, I can't figure out what more to say, except this is just an awesome place.
Until next time
Elder Clark

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Masking tape doesn't make a good mask...(letter one from the MTC)

The first day here, we were thrown into the firey furnice of Spanish. Our teacher said nothing in English, everything in Spanish. I was confused, thinking I was supposed to be placed in beginner Spanish, but it turns out that doesn't exsist any more. My district is the pilot district for a new way to teach Spanish with new material. Basically, this new programm involves us listening to a lot of Spanish that we don't understand, so that eventually we'll understand it. This program also involves a lot more of learning things on our own, instead of the teacher just telling us, this way we retain it better. We also got to teach our first lesson on Friday, in Spanish. This wasn't a formal lesson that missionaries would teach, but we were teaching somebody who understood very little English. I'm grateful that my companion is better at Spanish then I am. Our lesson would have been extremly short if he wasn't better then me. 
It turns out my companion has a name, and it is Elder Spear. He wrestled and played football in high school. Whenever we're planning anything, he has so many ideas about things we can do. Elder Spear is cool. We have 10 people in our district, and three of us going to the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. Others are going to, D.C., Columbia, y Ohio.  We all get along awesomly and have fun together.
These first few days seem like a week, but everybody says it goes faster, so I'm looking foward to el senimas progressing rapido. The things we do here at the MTC include; sitting in class listening to our teacher we don't understand, walking, walking up stairs, (always up, never down) and eating. Yes, the food is fine. The first two days, we didn't get any excersise time, so I was so ready to burn some stored up energy. Since you can't go mountain biking here, I resorted to the much less fun running in circles around a track.
So far, I've seen only everybody that I know is here. This list does include Elder Judd y Elder Blake.
So yeah, I was gonig to send pictures, but I forgot my camera cord in my room. =(
Ok dokie
Elder Clark

Monday, June 13, 2011

The New Elder Clark

Here is the newly set apart Elder Clark with his stake president, President Green. He flys to Utah on Tuesday the 14th and then reports to the MTC the 15th.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elder Jordan Clark's New Blog

This blog will be used to post all of Elder Clark's letters. We will try our best to get them put up weekly, but dont make and promises. He enters the MTC this Wednesday June 15th in Provo Utah. Please check back often for news of him on his mission as her serves the Lord in the Georgia Atlanta North Spanish speaking mission.