Monday, November 7, 2011

Its longer than a Giraff's scarf


You all may be wondering what is longer that a giraff's scarf. Well, lots of things. Its a phrase peruviens use.

So this morning, we got transfer calls! And guess what!?!?

I'm training!!!!!

Ok, not really. Elder Johnson is going home, and my new companion is gonig to be Elder Laney. I haven't met him, but I've heard that he's cool and he'll be an awesome companion. Yep, its exciting. He appearantly also goes home in December, so I again get to be the new missionary with the uper old missionary, wwhhoooo!!!

Elder Uffens, one of the other two Elders that lived in our apartment, is getting transfered for his last six weeks in the mission to an area he's served in before, so we're gonig to have two different missionaries in our apartment. Its gonig to be a big change, but still awesome!

So this last Sunday, I was sitting in church (I do that every sunday) and in walked in one of our investigator families! I couldn't believe they came. They had said the week before they were gonig to come and hadn't, and we hadn't been able to talk to them all week. When they showed up with their, I was so exctited! Stephanie also came, which I was excited for because we hadn't been able to talk to her all week becuase she had been super busy, and hadn't come to church the week before.

Yeah! People coming church!!! Whoo!!!

Well, there are the most exciting events of this week, but I have pictures, so it makes everything better.

I hope y'al are having as much of an awesome time as I am.

Elder Clark
This creek runs through the middle of one of the apartment copmlexes we work in

Leaves! Anywhere we look, we see trees like this. Its so beautiful this time of year here

The four of us with Stephanie and her daughter

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