Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Its the super man cranberry combination

This is Elder Clark, reporting from Flowery Branch Georgia.
This week wasn't quite as intense and full of people accepting baptismal dates, but it was still awesome. We only had 1 investigator come to church, mainly because 2 of the families that came last week couldn't come this week, but the one that came got baptized after church, so it was ok. Estefania was baptized by her dad, which was a really awesome experience for their family, especially since the parents haven't be able to come to church a whole lot because of work.

The baptism that are happening this Saturday and next Saturday, the 25th of August and the 1st of September, are definitely happening. Both the baptisms are families of 3, and we're pretty excited. After those 2 weekends, its pretty much all up in the air, but I know we'll find people.

We had a cool experience finding a less active we didn't know about. We were walking toward the house of another less active, and then this little 6 year old kid one house over runs to us all excitedly and tells us, in Spanish, that we should knock on his door. He was like super excited and jumping up and down and stuff, but I think that mainly has to do with him be a little kid with too much energy. Well, if a little kid runs up to you and tells you in Spanish to knock on his door, you should probably do it. We ended up not even having to knock on the door, he just ran inside and got his mom. Well, she came out, we said who we were, and she said "I know, I'm a less active member." It turns out she hadn't gone to church in 4 years, so that 6 year old either must have remembered the missionaries from when he was 2, or or it was a miracle. Either way, I think it was miracle. We told the Branch President, and he knew about her, they just didn't know where she went. One thing I've learned is if you're a less active member, you can't hide for too long, because the missionaries will find you. The Lord always provides a way.

This week, Elder Cram also taught his very first complete lesson with a British accent. Not to be discriminatory, but white people just aren't as humble as Hispanic people, so it's really hard to find some that will listen. But Elder Cram figured out they'll listen just a little bit more if you talk to them with a British accent, because who doesn't want to talk to a guy with a British accent. We were trying to see another less active, but ended up talking to her son and his girlfriend. At first, the Girlfriend wasn't interested, but the more Elder Cram talked in a British accent, the softer her heart grew. We went back, and Elder Cram kept the British accent for the entire lesson. It was pretty awesome. He can also talk in Spanish with a British accent pretty well too, but he doesn't really need to use it to get Hispanics to listen.

On Saturday, we went to an appointment in a trailer park, which ended up not being there, and then we were walking down the street, and saw other church people form a baptist church, 4 of them. Well, we tried to see other people that we had talked to before, but we decided the addition of the us and baptists on the same street scared people, so we decided to split. On the way to our car, we saw a more of them, and all these were kids, like 10-15 year olds, out knocking doors. There was about 7 or 8 kids, and 2 more adults! They had that trailer park flooded, all of them verses the 2 of us. We left, but before we managed to do that, 2 kids handed us little pamphlets for the church.

Well, there you have it, another fun week will filled with fun and adventure.

Hasta la proxima

Elder Clark  

 Estefania and her parents, in white!

Estefania's baptism

Me and some trees 

Me and some different trees

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