Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Welcome one and all.

Well, this week was another week full of tracting and teaching new people. The hard part about missionary work is not finding people to teach, because many people will let you teach them. The hard part is finding people who will accept the Gospel and not lose interest after the first lesson. At least Elder Rallison has gotten a lot of practice teaching the Restoration. Even with his limited time studying Spanish, he could teach the whole lesson by himself for 30 minutes. He is definitely going to speak Spanish better than I do.

Yesterday, on Sunday, we got to help a member move. I know, on Sunday. In Spanish branches, its almost like anything goes. (no, not really) They just live in such different circumstances than we long time USA folks are used to. I really do love the people though.

We've found a couple of people with a lot of potential, and we'll be having our second lessons with them this week. One of them, a young father, surprised us with his life story. We went over just to check if he was able to get work off so he could go to church on Sunday, and he ended up telling us about how terrible his past was, what he did wrong and what happened to him. I couldn't believe we were talking to a man that used to do all of that, because now he's just like a big teddy bear, humble and kind, looking for the truth. I know people can really change, can be happier, can get rid of their guilt, shame, sins, can overcome trials, all through Jesus Christ as we follow him.

Another great example of that is Patricia, who got baptized 2 weeks ago. Her Son got baptized this last Sunday, and she gave a short talk at the baptism. She shared how she had been searching for the truth for 6 years, and how the Gospel answered questions that nobody else could answer, and how much happier she was now that she found the truth. I'm not able to visit her anymore in person, but from what I've seen at church and heard from Elder Cram and Elder Henson, she is so much happier. Following Gospel really does bring miracles, not the least of which is it makes us happy.

Hasta la proxima semana

Elder Clark

 Ford knew that Elder Rallison was coming to Georgia

Patricia's son, Ezequiel, in white

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