Monday, November 19, 2012

Trials are mandatory, suffering is optional

Hola! Como estan todos?

Everybody has some weeks that go by that a whole doesn't happen. There are just some weeks where you work real hard, and not very much happens. Well, this last week was one of those. But that's OK!  No reason to quit when the going gets tough. Even when things are hard, there are still always good things that happen.

One of the best things this week was hearing that one of less active members now has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. That family has progressed a lot. They went from not really understanding the church to gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon in 4 weeks. Now we just them to actually come to church, and everything will be just peachy!

We've finally also found another less active member that we've been looking for for the past 5 weeks. They have a lot of potential because her husband and most of her kids aren't members. Over time, as they feel the spirit, they'll all come back to church. The Spirit is really the one that converts. I've seen it over and over again that the Spirit is what changes people. What we say, what the scriptures say, will not change people, but the Spirit does.

Gracias a todos :)

Elder Clark

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