Monday, April 15, 2013

They call me tater salad

Hello to all. 

We switched it up this week and went contacting on KSU (Kennesaw State University) with the Elders that work in the young single adult branch. It was an interesting experience. Definitely a lot more diverse than BYU. There are a lot of religious students because we're in the south, but so many different ideas all concentrated on one campus. There are also many who are still soul searching and willing to listen to anybody to learn. Although it didn't specifically benefit our area, it was still a good experience. 

The MTC is doing this program and where they follow up on the progress of missionaries and how they are applying what they've learned in the MTC. Elder  Vance and I have been selected to be evaluated, so we're going to be shadowed all day Sunday by a representative from the MTC. By Shadowed, I mean this guy is going to drive us around all day and go to church and teaching appointments with us. 

Elder Vance wins this week for best inspired moment. We were talking with a man on his porch, and I felt like the conversation wasn't really leading anywhere and that he wasn't really interested. So I ended the conversation and  started to turn and walk down the steps when Elder Vance was like "I have one more question." When he said that I knew the question he had was inspired. Elder Vance asked the man if he had ever been baptized, and the man responded that he hadn't, but he knew it was necessary and wanted to make sure what he was doing was right before he committed himself. Then, Elder Vance asked if him if he would be baptized by somebody with the authority of God, and the man said yes! Elder Vance saving the contact, Nice! We quickly set an appointment with him. 

Miracles happen, this is the Lord's work, God loves us.

Elder Clark

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