Monday, October 31, 2011

I like bliving

Donde fue la semana? No se, pero se que estoy aqui in el proximo semana.

Hola from Georgia!

It seems this week that a lot of awesome things happened on Saturday. So it began actually before Saturday when we left cards with our numbers in the apartment complex offices so people could call us if they needed help moving. Somebody actually called us! So Saturday, we helped a member move, then went straight to helping this person that called us and helped them move. She was English speaking, so we called the English Elders to help us move to. This lady we helped move wants to come to church and excepted to listen to the lessons to. New investigator for the English Elders!

While we were unloading the truck, Elder Johnson was talking to all the Hispanics that walked past. He noticed somebody in particular that seemed to be watching us, so he went and talked to them. This person thought we were the ones moving, and Elder Johnson explained that we were missionaries and we were just offering service and helping them move. Well, this lady Elder Johnson talked to said she wanted to hear more about the Gospel. New investigator for us!

After we finished the move, we went to our Branch's Halloween party. Due to a miss communication about who needed a ride, I went with a member to bring one of our investigators families. We got there, and they said they hadn't asked for a ride, and had actually went to the church the night before, thinking it was last night. As soon as I said it was tonight, they basically said, "ok, we're going right now" and they came. What was also amazing was that I was able to understand all of that in Spanish. =)

The person who needed a ride in the first place made it to the party. We found out she was a Less Active who had moved and hadn't been able to be contacted for a long time. Now we know where she lives and that she has two kids that are baptismal age. Its so awesome how so much can happen in one day!

Our new Ward missionaries are also super excited about missionary work. They're actually recent converts of about 8 months, and have a super strong desire to work and help with the missionary work in the Branch. The wife's brother isn't a member, but he always eats dinner with us in their home in Wednesdays, and he finally opening up to talking about the Gospel!

When I look back at it, it’s really amazing how much we've actually done. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a lot, but the Lord makes sure that his work gets done.

Have a good week everybody!

Elder Clark

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