Thursday, February 7, 2013

The escape plan

Jordan's birthday is on Feb. 27th. If you would like to send him birthday wishes, his current address is:

1126 Keswick Village Court
Conyers, GA 30012

No, the title is not referring to me escaping from the mission early.
(Note from Lisa, the title probably refers to the day the missionaries in Jordan's area all had to return to their apartments due to an approaching storm.  Quote from his letter to our family: "Don't feel like bad parents just because you didn't check the weather. At around 2:30, President Wolfert told all of us to get back to apartment because the storm was getting bad. We had just started teaching a lesson to, but we fled for our apartment. We got home before the rain and the wind picked up. Once we were in, we were told that the storm wasn't going to get bad for another 30 minutes, so we were in in plenty of time. All it did was rain hard where we were. I was on exchange with Elder Moore, and we got to spend more time together than planned because we weren't aloud to leave the our apartment the whole day.

Extra responsibilities I have as district leader is go on exchanges with each member in the district, collect key indicators (or numbers) Sunday night and report them to the Zone Leaders, plan district meeting, stuff like that.")

We had an amazing, fantastic, absolutely wonderful week. 

We've been teaching a young boy named Carlos, and this week we saw a big change. Last week we talked about things like not swearing at school, and he's completely stopped. This week, we showed him the video "Finding Faith in Christ." His friend happened to come over about halfway through the video and watched it with us. After the video, Carlos started crying! He felt the Spirit so strongly testifying to him that Christ was his Savior. I don't think he'd ever felt the spirit so strongly before, so it scared him just a little bit. We told him not to worry about crying, and asked him how he felt, and what he described to us was the Spirit. 

Another miracle happened with a new investigator named Marcos. The English missionaries found him, and he ended up calling us and telling us he wanted help to stop drinking. So we helped him, but from there his story and the miracles that followed just exploded. It turns out he was living in a really bad environment and was going to get kicked out on Sunday. He didn't have a job, didn't have a place to stay. Well we searched, but couldn't really find anything. On Saturday, a member invited him and a less active and part member family (Carlos's family actually) over for lunch. Turns out Marcos knew the part member family, and the less active family found him a placed to live. We ended up going on a wild goose chase to find him again that night after the lunch and tell him they had a place for him, and being guided by the spirit, we found him, and got him out the terrible place he lived in.

Both Marcos and Carlos came to church on Sunday. :)

Well, that was our awesome week.

Thanks Everybody!

Elder Clark

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