Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby elephants and broken chains


The best part about this week were the Talks Elder Neri and I gave in Sacrament Meeting. Ok, what wasn't the best part, but we gave some pretty awesome talks on missionary work, rallying the members to share the gospel. 

We've had some awesome days this week. On Friday, we got call from a member to go visit a less active family. Their son had just gone though a really difficult situation, and we were able to show up right when they needed help. We've been gaining a lot of trust with that family recently, so things are moving on. The same day, we taught an 11 year young man about not swearing and doing other similar things at school. It seemed to be a real problem from what his mom had told us, we were able to help him, and Elder Neir was so convincing that I'm pretty sure the young man is going to stop swearing. :) Elder Neri seems to have a lot in common with many of the people we teach, especially among the less actives. Its a great way for him to finish off his mission. 

I was also privileged to go on exchange this week with Elder Yellowplume (Isn't that an awesome name? He's native American) The exchange meant I got to be on bike and speak in English all day whooo!

This week, we had a couple of conversations with people that had me thinking a lot about the importance of prayer and receiving an answer from God about what the truth is. We had a couple of interesting discussions with people that believe differently than us based on just facts and research or bible verses. Well, I believe in what I believe because I prayed and asked God, and He told me it was true, and you can't really argue with somebody about that. I would much rather put my faith in God than humans. I'm also not saying bad about the bible either, but God is still the Ultimate source of truth. So if you have a question, do what Joseph Smith did, as directed by James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God..." and ask God.

Have a wonderful week everybody!   

Elder Clark

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