Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The 10 week shaft

Wow, CRAZY week this week.

So, as I said last week, Elder Neri went home on Tuesday. I talked to President Wolfert for a little bit when I dropped Elder Neri off, and he said he wanted me to get the branch baptizing again. Well, thats what I wanted to do to, but I knew I was going to have to wait a week until I got my new companion. I also asked him if I was going to be able to train Elder Vance, and he told me he wasn't sure yet if I was eve going to train at all. Well, later that afternoon, I was told I was going to be training! My son, Elder Rallison, is also training, so I'm going to have a Grandson! 

So this whole week, I've been with the Zone Leaders, so I haven't been able to visit the members in the branch or speak mush Spanish, but I figured I get the work up and going again this Wednesday when I get my new companion. Thursday was the meeting for all the missionaries who were going to be trainers, and there President Wolfert told me that I was going to be training, but not here in Yellow River. So, I'm white washing training again! The Yellow River Branch here is also going to get white washed with 2 new missionaries. I Sunday, I was able to bear my testimony right after the sacrament, and then had to split because the English Elders had to go. So, I walked off the stand, waved at everybody, and left, never to be seen again. That is until I look everybody on Facebook when I get home. I was here in Conyers for short 10 weeks, and boy has it been an adventure. 

I'll be training up in the Marrietta stake, which is pretty mush North of Atlanta. President Wolfert still isn't sure if I'll be training Elder Vance or not. He wont know until he meets with them on tomorrow after they fly in. 

As far other things that happened this week, which were many, there was a baptism! Brother George Porter was baptized, and the best part about it is that Elder Neri and I were the ones that found him. In the first or second week together, we knocked on his door, taught him the plan of Salvation, passed him the the English Elders, and now he's baptized! I was also privileged to do his baptismal interview. A funny thing that happened with him this week was we were reading in the Book of Mormon, and while he was reading, instead of saying the word "ye," he said the word "y'al." y'al shall keep my commandments. It means the same thing pretty much, just with a southern twang for added flair. I find myself using "y'al" sometimes now. I think I've been in the south to long. 

We also saw some cool miracles with the harvesting tool (or the blessing people's houses thing.) We had time to harvest one house before an appointment, and there was lady sitting on her porch outside, so we asked here if we could leave our Saviors peace and blessings in her home. She let us in, and it was an amazing spiritual experience. She told us she had felt the Spirit during the prayer, and that as we walked up to her on her porch, she felt the spirit telling her to let us in.

All in all, its being a crazy week. 

Thank you everybody! 

Elder Clark    

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