Tuesday, June 4, 2013

No Driver

Wow, this is really the final countdown, and by that, I mean its the week before Griselda and Delia's baptism. It has nothing to do with me coming home next week. :)

I'm so excited for them! They've been making so much progress and have really come a long way, and they're going to be so blessed to receive the Gift the Holy Ghost. I love the gospel, it makes everything better! They're going to be great members. We've taught them everything they need to know, now we just have to make sure the baptismal font isn't cold, and we'll be all set. 

We had another awesome Miracle this week. We were teaching a investigator that was a referral from a member in a different area. We invited to the member to come teach with us and he was able to make it, right after we had finished teaching the whole lesson. Well, better later than never I guess. Anyways, he come in and we all shake hands, and then another van pulls into the driveway. Our investigator said "did you invite somebody else?" Well, we hadn't, and it turned out to be a surprise visit from a neighbor. The Neighbor had with him is brother-in-law, Luis, who nobody else knew. Well, Luis walks in the door, looks at us, walks up to us and says "I've been looking for you." No, he wasn't a cop and we weren't guilty of any crimes, Luis was just a less active member baptized 20 years ago. He had left the church, but has recently been looking to get back in it. Well, he had an honest desire in his heart, and the Lord put him in our paths in an answer to his desire. We sat down with him yesterday, and he has a sincere desire to change. He had read a little in the Book of Mormon, the first time in a real long time, and said he felt the peace of the Spirit. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the Lord's work.

I'll be privileged to give talk this coming Sunday for my last Sunday in Georgia, and I'll have the privilege of giving a talk next Sunday as well, for my first Sunday back in California. Those of you reading this are invited to attend either one, which ever one you wish to attend.  

Gracias amados hermanos mios 

Elder Clark

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