Monday, May 27, 2013

Guitarist in the woods

Yesterday while we were tracting, there was a man walking around in the street and the forest nearby playing the guitar and singing songs about Christ. (only in the south) He was really nice, gave us water, and let us come into his home and pray with him. 

The Griselda and Delia have been progressing poco a poco. One of the times we taught her this week, Griselda was not feeling too well due to allergies, so we gave her a priesthood blessing. We swung the next day just to see how they were doing, and she was feeling completely better. Now she has a testimony of the priesthood. 

Our English investigator, Chris, has also been going strong. He really wants to understand the Book of Mormon, and receive an answer through prayer that it's true. We'll be taking him on a church tour this week and he should come to church this week for the first time.

This week we also took the 140 mile round trip to visit our member that lives in the middle of nowhere, and we helped him paint. :)

Well, thats all folks. Until next time, 

Elder Clark


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