Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prone to Launder

Estoy bueno. (this means I am hot, and not temperature wise.)
Thank you to all of those who write my letters, letters make me happy. If you write using, you can send me letters for free. =)
This week has been awesome, of course. What other kind of week can you have in the MTC? We've already taught our roleplay investigator four times. I understand spanish better, but the same doesn't go for me speaking it. At the rate we have to teach lesesons, I'll pick it up in no time. Our teacher, Hermono Cummingham is way awesome, and a great teacher who really cares about our success. My district is way awesome! My companion, Elder Spear in from Arizona, and has a lot of stories about his wrestling days. All the district members are really awesome missionaries, and I have learned a lot from all of them. 
On Friday, I'll be able to meet my new mission president. The MTC this week is a little bit crazy with the addition of about 600 new missionaries plus all the new mission presidents yesterday. 
As everybody says, the days have quickened, which is a good thing.
One of my roomates here is one of those guys that messe something up or does something goofy everyday, so life here is never boring. 
I figured out I can't email home pictures while in the MTC, so pictures will wait untill I'm in the mission field.
As I'm sitting here, I can't figure out what more to say, except this is just an awesome place.
Until next time
Elder Clark

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