Saturday, June 18, 2011

Masking tape doesn't make a good mask...(letter one from the MTC)

The first day here, we were thrown into the firey furnice of Spanish. Our teacher said nothing in English, everything in Spanish. I was confused, thinking I was supposed to be placed in beginner Spanish, but it turns out that doesn't exsist any more. My district is the pilot district for a new way to teach Spanish with new material. Basically, this new programm involves us listening to a lot of Spanish that we don't understand, so that eventually we'll understand it. This program also involves a lot more of learning things on our own, instead of the teacher just telling us, this way we retain it better. We also got to teach our first lesson on Friday, in Spanish. This wasn't a formal lesson that missionaries would teach, but we were teaching somebody who understood very little English. I'm grateful that my companion is better at Spanish then I am. Our lesson would have been extremly short if he wasn't better then me. 
It turns out my companion has a name, and it is Elder Spear. He wrestled and played football in high school. Whenever we're planning anything, he has so many ideas about things we can do. Elder Spear is cool. We have 10 people in our district, and three of us going to the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. Others are going to, D.C., Columbia, y Ohio.  We all get along awesomly and have fun together.
These first few days seem like a week, but everybody says it goes faster, so I'm looking foward to el senimas progressing rapido. The things we do here at the MTC include; sitting in class listening to our teacher we don't understand, walking, walking up stairs, (always up, never down) and eating. Yes, the food is fine. The first two days, we didn't get any excersise time, so I was so ready to burn some stored up energy. Since you can't go mountain biking here, I resorted to the much less fun running in circles around a track.
So far, I've seen only everybody that I know is here. This list does include Elder Judd y Elder Blake.
So yeah, I was gonig to send pictures, but I forgot my camera cord in my room. =(
Ok dokie
Elder Clark

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  1. He forgot his camera in his room?! What's up with Alec and Jordan NEVER having their cameras on them?