Monday, September 19, 2011

Gracias por su bendcion en mi vida

HOLA! Como estamos? Bien!

I set some records this last week. Record #1: I ate 15 chicken wings for dinner. There was a miss comunication, and we thought we were going to teach this less active member a lesson, but they thought they were going to feed the four of us dinner. Well, only two of us went, and we were supposed to eat it all, so we did.

Record #2: We walked past the same place 5 times in one day. Due to many weird and unexplainable cirumstances, we ended up walking back and forth a lot.

I know, so exciting.
What is more exciting is that one investiagator I keep refering to, she who shall not be named, is still being an awesome investigator! Last week, we translated the quit smoking program for her, and she started it the next day! She has so much faith, and it keeps growing! She knew smoking was bad, and she really wants to quite because she really wants to be baptized! Boyah!
We've been working a little bit with this other investigator, who seems to be progressing. In his spare time, he makes Rosaries and braclets. (I have pictures!) To bad we can't wear them And we were given some of them. After a game of onesided phone tag, meaning we called him more a few times, and he never called back, he didn't end up coming to church, but thats ok! He seems genarlly interested from what I can tell. The problem with working with Hispanic people is they all say we can come back. They all like learning more about God, which is awesome, so we just have to figure out who's interested and who isn't. We're working on it. People love to play onesided phone tag with us! Its ok, people have their agency whether they want to accept the Gospel. It also helps us know who is really interested and who isn't.
So the Church has been doing this push and advertising in some areas, and we're one of those areas. The church has received a lot of attention because of it, and has also found that it increases the number of baptisms, so its worth it. Its different for us spanish speakers, but the English members are going to have a oppurtunity to talk to more of their friends about the Gospel becuase so many people will see the commercials and advertisments. The more missionary work the better!
Sorry its a short one again, I have some pictures this time!
Thanks to those who write me!
Your blog author
Elder Clark

Picture of me in the field, and I'm with geese. Yes.

The Rosary and the braclet thing, to bad I can't wear them.

I have pictures of Elder Neri chasing the geese, and also of him gigging in the dirt with a spoon, but I figures you all didn't need to see them. =) We have fun while we work hard.

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