Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26 Email from Elder Clark

This is all we got this week.  We're not sure what happened to the first part of his email.

 ***So i thought I sent the first part of this email, buts its not in my inbox at all, so I'm confused. I'm going to just start where I left off, but if you didn't get the first part, then I guess this part won't make any sense.***
One of the things they asked us is to give them scriptures in the bible that support the Book of Mormon. Well, if you read the bible, there is no verse that definitly says "yea, behold, I will bring forth the Book of Mormon." The Lord doen't work like that. He requires that we have faith to belive, to do, to act. Once we excersise that faith, then we can come to the knowledge that things are true. That is one of the many reasons why prayer is so important. We have to excersise faith to pray. We even have to have the faith that our prayers will be answered. In the introduction and the very last chapter of the Book of Mormon, the reader is told that is they want to know is the Book of Mormon is true, they need to reed, ponder, and pray. Sure, we can try to prove the Book of Mormon to be ture from the bible, but the Knowledge of God is so much greater, and He will only give the truth as answers. I have a testimony of prayer, that God, our Heavenly Father, really does want us to talk with him. I know he will answer our prayers, He will talk back to us. Its amazing.
Everybody, I hope you have a good week. Until next time
Elder Clark 

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