Monday, September 12, 2011

My Parents asked me if I knew everything yet. No.

So yeah, here is another one of my weekly emails that I'm sure fill your days with excitment and wonder.  
Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week was we found out what was holding one of our investigators back. This is the same investigator I've mentioned I few times already. We felt we should teach her the Word of Wisdom, and we found out that she smokes, but that she knows its bad and wants to change because she really does want to get baptized. Now that we know that, we can continue! The Church has an swesome program that helps people quit smoking in seven days, and Elder Johnson said he has seen it work many times before. Excitement!
On Wednesday, Elder Johnson and I went on splits with the Zone Leaders. I got to stay in our area, so I was in charge of what we did, which was only a little bit intimidating at first, but it was good. The Zone leader I went with is a Native Speaker, so that was helpful. We didn't have any appointments, so we just knocked doors and talked to everybody we saw outside. It was an awesome day, and we gained quite a few potential investigators. 
My understanding of Spanish is improving, and by improving, I mean that I understand about everyword out of 20. No, its really better than that, but sometimes I just sit there with a confused look on my face. Then people try to talk to me in English, and I still don't understand becuase I'm already confused. Sometimes, I don't even understand what english people are saying. One day when we were walking up to a potenial's apartment, this guy like 20 feet away asked us who we were. I said we were Missionaries for Jesus Christ. He then asked if we were non-profit, but I thought he asked if we were Prophets. I said that we weren't Prophets, but that we believe in them. Elder Johnson then quickly stepped in and saved me. I'm glad I can provide you all with stories of my awesome adventures, and give you something to laugh at.
Sorry, this week wasn't as exciting as others, but I beleive I did a good job at writing a lot of words to explain things that were in fact very simple.
For those people who love missionary pictures, sorry. I've been failing at taking a lot of them. Don't worry, eventually, there will be more pictures, and one of them might even have me in it.
That is my entire week written in four 3 paragraphs. Hope you've enjoyed your reading experience. Thanks to those that write me, because I also enjoy hearing about what people are doing. It also feels better because I actually get to know about the lives of the people who get to hear so much about mine.
Elder Clark
Remeber, Smile! =) 

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