Monday, December 12, 2011

Every 8 days

Anyone writing to Jordan in the next couple of weeks should send it to the mission home since he will likely be transferred soon.

Buenos Tardes! Como estan?

Thats all the Spanish I know!

So awesome story with Stephanie. She went to a a buffet, and swallowed something she thought was a fish bone. Later, during dinner, the thing stuck in her throat started bothering her more, and eventually casued her to cough up a little blood. She went to the hospital, and they pulled out a little metal wire from a scrub brush. Because of the pain, and the drugs she had to take, she hasn't smoked since! That was 2 weeks ago! Talk about little miracles in the most unexpected ways. She's getting baptized this coming Saterday before our Branch's Christmas party. The Christmas party is going to be an awesome missionary opportunity. We're expecting a bunch of people to be there.

We found a new investigator this week, and he commited to be baptized the 14th of January! We were looking through old teaching records, called him up, and found out he's super cool. He came to church this last Sunday for the first time.

I'm getting a little better at talking to people. Before, I would be like super scared, and walk up to people, fall on my face, get up, open my mouth to talk, and nothing would come out. Now, I can say about a sentance, and I don't fall on my face anymore. Ok, so really, I'm not scared to go up to strangers and talk to them, well, at least a lot less scared than before. The more you do it, the easier it gets. It also helps to remember that everybody is a Child of God, and that everyone needs to hear about the Restored Gospel of Christ.

Sorry this letter is extremly short, but next Espero que puedo contar mas la proxima semana.

Huesto luego

Que lo vaya bien


Elder Clark

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