Monday, December 5, 2011

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Bien venidos!

For those understand the title of this post, congradulations

I've decided that coinsidences (don't think I spelled that right at all) aren't really coincedences (spelled it wrong again, but differently. win!) Especially as missionaries, I've seen so many little things line up in super precise timing to accomplish something we didn't think would happen. I definitly know that this is the Lord's work, and he is going to provide ways for it to happen. Even from weird things like talking to this one guy, and then seeing him 3 seperate times after that in totally different places. Its crazy, but is awesome to realize the miracles that happen all around us continually.

We had a lot of cool things happen this week. We took one of the less active members we've been working with to a lesson with an investigator. In that lesson we talked about how important reading and praying about the Book of Mormon is in gaining a testimony of the Restored Gospel. The day after we were visiting with him, and he said that before he had never wanted do that. He just wanted to study it out and figure it out logically. Now, he wants to read and pray to get a testimony. We also found out his Mom is going to be an awesome help with one of our investigators because she had very similar experiences while she was learning about the chruch.

The very next day, we had a lesson with one of newest and most promising investigators. We brought a member with us, and the lesson went super awesome. First, our investogator invited a friend who was in the kitchen to come listen. After the prayer, the member we brought with us started testifying about the truthfulness of the Gospel and how it has blessed him. It was super awesome to hear his testimony. He even answered questions. We wondered why we had never him to brought him to other lessons before.

Another awesome thing is that we were able to visit 2 less active families and another less active member that we had never seen before. We weven found a new investigator through one of these families.

I hope that everybody also had a fantastic week, and that all is going well.

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

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