Monday, January 23, 2012

Latter Stack


Here in Georgia, things happen. It must mean we're doing something right.

A lot of cool little things have happened this week. We found out of of the investigators we dropped 4 weeks ago has just been searching and been a little confused with everything. She goes to a Catholic Chruch, had a Cristiano preacher come over and give her daughter a blessing, and she is being taught by us. Everybody had been telling her to pray, so even she doesn't want to pray becuase we asked her to, she's got other influences. She really is searching for the truth right now, so thats another plus.

We had another great first lesson with a former investigators from about 4 years ago. She was super attentative to the lesson, and her family has a lot of faith. In that same complex, we had a lesson with a less active who nobody had seen for a few years. Him and his wife have been praying to help him over come some problems that he has, and then we showed up.

I got to go on exchange with Elder Laney. (my last companion) He served here over a year ago, so we were able to meet with some super awesome investigators that he taught that never got baptized. One of them told us he got a bike, and wants to help us teach people Monday nights. So cool!

I know that you would all rather look at pictures then read my post, but I have again been lacking at takeing said pictures. :)

I hope everybody is having a wonderful time living life. I'm having a wonderful living the missionary life. =)

Elder Clark

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