Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's 7 divided by Jueves?

Buenos Noches!

I love my mission so much. Sometimes I feel so incompetent and like I have know idea what I'm doing, yet we still see amazing miracles. :)

On Tuesday, we had a District meeting with President Wolfert, and he emphasized the importance of talking to everybody. He also told us that even though we are the Spanish missionaries, we need to talk to English speaking people too. It has beeb easy to use the "they don't speak Spanish" excuse, but not anymore. About an hour after that, we were in an apartment complex, and we were trying to visit a couple people, but nobody was home. We were then walking around outside looking for somebody to talk to, and of course there was absolutley nobody. We start walking back to the car, and we saw this man that didn't speak Spanish, but we went and talked to him like we were just told to in District meeting. Turns out he took the lessons from the missionaries over a year ago in California, had been to church a lot, and was still reading The Book of Mormon. He was going to call the missionaries in California that day so he could get the number of the missionaries here, but we went up and talked to him, so he didn't have to. Definitly a testimony that this is the Lord's work, and He is really the one that leads it.

In Norcross, the English and Spanish Elders help each other out a lot. They recently found somebody super awesome for us. This lady has so much faith in Christ, and she has told us she will do anything to follow him. She even accepted the invitation to be baptized before I finished saying it. I said "Seguira el ejemplo de" (Will you follow the example of) and she said yes. She also has a married son and a daughter that have listened to a bit of the lessons. The whole family is just a great family.

And then at the end of the week, our car broke down, our bikes were being slighlty problematic, and Elder May got sick, but that was all totally okay. We had such an amazing week, and even with those problems, the work continued. We could have found somebody else to be baptized in those few days. I say that pretty much makes up for any problem.

Yep, awesome week. Today, I'm actually back in Cumorah on exchange with Elder Spear, my companion from the MTC. This place is a like a second home almost.

Hasta luego

Elder Clark

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