Monday, April 2, 2012

Tortilla, el tenador de mexico (the fork of Mexico)

Buenos dias!

Yet again, another awesome week has gone by, with the unstopable pollen gone, listening to General conference, and speaking in Spanish is just really fun too. :)

Our investigator that's going to get baptized in 2 weeks is on fire! He told us he feels peace and Joy when he reads the Book of Mormon, and can notice a difference between when he does and doesn't read. He understands everything we teach, and has no doubt that everything we teach comes from his Heavanly Father. Friday, we went over, and his friend was there, so we explained to his friend about the Book of Mormon, and we had him bear his testimony to his friend about the Book of Mormon. He also wants us to teach his girlfriend, so we'll be teaching her, along with him and his friend, tomorrow. :)

I love inviting everybody to be baptized, its awesome. One day, we had three people that we had just met in the street tell us they would be. One of them was even a youth pasture from another church. None of them were hispanic,, so we passed them over to the English Elders.

We're excited, lots of awesome things are happening right now. I know that this is the Lord's work, and that He helps us. I've seen it, I know that all of what we've seen happen wouldn't have been possible with out Him.

I hope you all can recognize the Lord's hand in your life.

Have an awesome week, and we'll talk again soon.

Elder Clark


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