Monday, April 9, 2012

Its not a visa, but its candy

Bueno bueno bueno

We had a bueno week. I know I always say that, but its becuase all the weeks are really bueno.

First off, our baptism this Saturday is of course exctiting. The joven (young man) we're teachnig tried to set up 2 other lessons last week so we could teach his friends. He really has a strong testimony and wants to share it with everybody. When ever we meet with him outside, he tells us "hey, go talk to that person about God." He'll be an awesome missionary in the future. :)

Friday, we had people flocking to hear our message, well, kind of. We walked up to a group of 5 people sitting, and we started talkng to them. While we were talking, somebody else that was was a little farther away moved closer to listen to us, and then 6 or seven kids showed up and sat down to. It was the biggest audience I've ever had. After, when we asked who would like to hear more, the one guy in the back raised his hand, (its always the guy in the back.) We asked when we could come back, and he told us "tomorrow," so we did. We had an awesome lesson, and then he accepted an invitation to be baptized. After he said yes, I was trying to think of a date for which he could prepare himself. My companion beat me to it and invited him to be baptized on the 5th of May. For those that don't get it, in spanish its 'cinco de Mayo.' Right after that, we went to another apointment, and that person accepted to be baptized to. :)

Well, thats my short report for the week.

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

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