Monday, April 16, 2012

1 down, only 10 million more to go

Hey everybody!

So the most awesome thing that happened this week was.... Gaspar got baptized! It was an awesome baptism! The only problem was that I played the piano, and that I forgot to reserve the room for the baptism, but it all worked out in the end! One of the priests in the branch baptized him, and Gaspar said he felt really good and clean after. We were a little scared that he wasn't going to get baptized becuase the day before his baptismal interview, he still didn't have a testimony of if President Monson was really God's prophet on the earth. That night, he prayed about it, and the next day he told us that right after he prayed, he felt as if God was right next to him in his bedroom for 10 seconds. Yesterday, Gaspar asked a lot of questiones about what he needs to do to be a missionary. We even drove him around to his friends houses to try to teach them.

The second most awesome thing this week happened when we ate dinner with a Part member family. We had taught the nonmember husband a few months ago, and had invited him to be baptized, but his wife called us shortly after that and told us to not talk about baptism anymore. So we were a little disapointed. But when we went over for dinner, we were questioning him a little bit, and it turns out that now he doesn't have a single doubt that the church is true. He even decided for himself to quite drinking, even though we hadn't told him it was a commandment.So in a period of about 3 months of just going to church and seeing the example his wife set, he came to know that the church was true.

Third most awesome thing; I have pictures!

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

 Photo shoot :) the other two Elders are Elder Gamino and Elder Hunsaker. They are the other 2 missionaries in our branch.

 Gaspar ready for baptism :)

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