Monday, May 21, 2012

I won a blender

I really did win a blender this week. We were volunteering at a health fair to translate this last Saturday. We also got our health checked, and so we got put in a raffle. I was lucky enough to be choosen to win the blender. The only thing is we already have one in our apartment, and I don't use blenders anyways.

We did get free lunch at the fair though, so that was cool.

Also on Saturday, we had a baptism in our branch! A couple of weeks ago I talked about the brother of a member who had a sudden change of heart at 4 in the morning, well, he made it. The only bad part of the baptism was I had to play the piano again... But it really was an amazing baptism, and he got confirmed a member the next day. We also had a less active that we had talked to for the first time only that week come. Now this is also a funny story. We taught her the Restoration, and I asked her if she believed that Joseph Smith was really called to be a prophet. She promptly and firmly answered no. now this was confusing to me because before she was talking about how good the church was and how good she felt when she was baptized. So puzzled, I asked her if she had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and she said yes. So I asked the first question again, to which she responded that she thought I had said something else the first time, like if he was a bad person or something, and that she did have a testimony of Joseph Smith. I obviously don't speak perfect Spanish.

This week, we found a new investigator who seems promising. After we taught her, she told us she thought it was awesome that we told her that the Book of Mormon, and not the Bible, is the evidence of our message. That's probably one of the best responses I've gotten when inviting somebody to read the Book of Mormon.

Well, It was a good week. :)

Thanks Everybody!

Elder Clark

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