Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Apearantly I'm not from California

Well hello everybody.

We had a really amazing experience this last Tuesday with one of of top investigators. She has been taught by the missionaries for 2 years, knows the church is true, wants to get baptized, but doesn't feel ready yet. We recently been struggling to know what to teach her because she 's been taught everything multiple times and has a really good understanding of everything. So we go over there kind of winging it, with a very vauge outline of what we want to talk about. The first part of the lesson seemed pretty vauge, and I felt like we weren't really sharing anything useful. But then I felt like we needed to all share our testimonies. Her boyfriend started, shared and awesome testimony. She followed, and for having never born her testimony before, she rocked it. Elder Dudley and I both shared our testimonies after. When all was said and done, there was more than one person crying. We also found out from her soon to be mother in law that she is going to marry her boyfriend soon, which we think has been a big hold up for her.

On Saturday, this man called us over to talk to him. Actually, he asked if we were Jehova's Witnesses, but we continued the conversation. He told us he would read anything we gave him, so we have him pamhplets about the Resteration, Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What followed was a realy awesome conversation about how he was searching for the truth, and we promised him that this was it. To bad he only speaks english, so we gave him to the English missionaries. As we were leaving, he told us the reason he stopped us was becuase he liked that we were walking with confidence and smiles. Lesson learned, be confident, smile, and people are always watching you.

So those were the 2 best highlights of the week. Other than that, we're on the hunt for more people.

I hope you have an awesome week, and thanks for reading my boring posts. :)

Elder Clark

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