Sunday, May 6, 2012

Que paso?


Hi everybody!

Yet again, another good week gone by.

We had 2 awesome things happen on Saturday. The first was we went to a complex for an appointment we had. (we had actually schedualed it just an hour before) Well, the appointment wasn't there. But we know what to do when that happens, we look for a little miracle! President Wolfert has told us that when an appointment falls through, the Lord knows right where we are, and we are there for reason. Maybe the appointment was never supposed to happen, but we are where the Lord wants us, so we look for somebody we talk to, the very first person we see, or maybe the next door we knock on. In this case, it the first person we saw. She was way open to listen to us, she accepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and had a lot of questiones for us. As we started to walk away, I heard her made a comment to a guy that was changing her tire about how slow he was going, so I offered to help. Let me tell you, I can change a tire as good as I can play the piano, but it gave Elder Dudley and oppurtunity to answer more of the Lady's questions. To bad she doesn't speak Spanish, so we had to give to the English Elders.

Second awesome thing was at a dinner at a member's house, which was actually a Birthday party. Hispanic birthdays have to have 3 things, carne asada, the whole extended family and friends, and tres leches. So we were there with the whole family, and the Brother of the member told us that he had watched the example of his brother for 12 years, and how the last night, he hadn't been able to sleep until 4 am. At 4, he had a feeling, like a life changing feeling, that he needed to follow God. Talk about the Spirit preapring the hearts of the children of men. The other missionaries in our branch are going to teach him, but its still awesome.

Friday, we took our recent convert Gaspar proslyting with us, and taught his mom to. Gaspar has a really powerful testimony, and it was awesome when he shared it with his mom.

Other than that, this week we worked with pretty much every less active that we know, and we've seen a lot of progress with a lot of people there.

I hope you all have a fantastic week. I know I will.

Elder Clark

the picture is of of district before transfers,
Back row: me, Elder Bealer, Elder Wasden, Elder Hunsaker, Elder Cram
Front row: Elder Gamino, Elder Spear, Elder Dudley

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