Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yo no se porque el rio es amarillo

Hello to one and all from my new home for the next few months, Conyers Georgia! (Have you ever heard of it? No? Well that doesn't surprise me, because I didn't know existed until I got here. (Its basically south of Atlanta) :) Talk about more rural than my last area. We've got some true southerners down here.

My Companion is Elder N*** from Arizona, who's parents are from Mexico. Like I said last time, I lived in the same apartment with him 4 months at the beginning of my mission. He's got about 3 month left, and then he's off to home again. Me, I have 5 left, and then I go home. They stuck two old geasers together. Don't worry, we won't be getting trunky together or anything, especially since they made me district leader. I know, right? Giving Elder Clark authority and responsibility over other missionaries, weird.

Anyways. Elder N*** is awesome. He's has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. He wants to do so much good and help everybody, and he bears testimony with so much power and boldness its hard to tell him no. :)

The Yellow River Branch (the one I'm in) Is the smallest I've been in, with about 30 people or so, but that doesn't make it less special. I met about half of the members just going to dinner Wednesday through Saturday, and then I met the other half at church, so now I know everybody. Elder N*** and I are going to double the number of members! Well, that would be cool, but probably not.

We found this one trailer park here that is the biggest trailer park I have ever seen. Its is totally a mini Mexico in there, and we could knock doors in there for the next 6 weeks, but there would still be more doors! It made me so happy to find it. :) In that complex, we found this one English man named George. While we were teaching him a Spanish man, Jorge, came to take their dryer. He saw we were "Preaching the Word" and came into the room and started talking to us in Spanish about visions and dreams he's had. Meanwhile George is sitting on the couch without a clue of what Jorge is saying, so I start translating for him. Jorge shared his thoughts for about 10 minutes, and then we were able to wrap it all up and leave with a new investigator for the English Elders and for us. Talk about weird lessons.

Thanks everybody,

Que Dios les bendiga!

Elder Clark

enough said

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