Thursday, July 14, 2011

During our languege study, we'll figure out how to call people weird

Refering to the subject of this email, we did not spend our language studying doing that.
It's hard to believe I've been here for a whole month, and I'm almost half way done with my stay in the MTC.
Sunday: was a good day as always, throughout the course of the day, we learned about charity, virtue, repentance twice, and in the fireside in the evening, we learned about daily repentence. That was a really awesome fireside. The speaker talked about how we often think that when we have to repent, we feel bad. His point was that repentence leads to Joy. It's when we don't repent that we fill bad for what we've done.
Monday: We had oppurtunities to teach other missionoaries in our zone. I really love that we have so many oppurtunities to practice teaching. I can see that I've learned from past mistakes in teaching, and its better to make mistakes here instead of in the field.
Tuesday: speaking of mistakes, I learned that it is not a good idea to set a baptismal date for an investigator for less than a month away. I definitly wasn't thinking about the calendar when I asked one of our investigators to be baptized the 6th on August when it was already the 12th of July. No bueno. Oh well
Wenesday: We had an interesting lesson with our other investigator, and we didn't really end up teaching anything we had prepared. We did, however, answer a few questions he had, and the most important thing is to teach people, not lessons, and I felt like it was good we skipped the lesson and helped him with his needs.
Being a missionary has made me want to work harder than ever before. In college, I definitly could have worked harder, but here, I want to be studying or practining all of the time. It's definitly not a bad thing, but its an awesome thing. I want to learn everything, Spanish, Preach my Gospel, and the scritpures. I know this is an extremly unrealistic goal, because I'll never be able to learn everything, but I'll try.
Today, Thursday, we get to clean the temple for 3 hours! the temple is closed, and some selected group of missionaries help clean it.
My roommates decided that every P-day is gonig to be comb-over P-day, and they started today. My hair is too short, so I can't join yet.
Sorry that I'm a man a few words in my emails. You all know I can talk a lot in person, and that I like talking alot, but talking to a computer makes everything more difficult
Anyways, the MTC is still awesome, and Missionary work is awesome.
Con Amor
Elder Clark

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