Monday, July 25, 2011

mid-week letter

This is the letter that came along with the pictures

I'm so happy that Elder Spear is my companion. During companionship inventories we have talked about our testimonies and experiences that have strengthened our testimonies.  Even talking about this strengthened my testimony.  Some say the Lord works in mysterious ways, but I say he works in awesome ways.

So to give more information about my week. . .At the Sunday fireside, a member of the District presidency and his wife spoke.  His wife shared and awesome story about how the Lord has his eye on us.  The story goes that a young man from Japan was called to a Spanish speaking mission.  He struggled with Spanish throughout his mission.  He could never really communicate completely.  At the end of his mission, he found a Japanese man that wanted the missionary discussions.  When the missionary went to this man's house, there were 65 other Japanese people that all knew the church is true, but hadn't been able to find missionaries.  .  In their first meeting, all 65 were committed to baptism.  One of them wanted this missionary to write his testimony in the Book of Mormon.   When the missionary wrote in the Book of Mormon, he found there was a testimony of another elder.  This elder was his dad, who had given the Book of Mormon to this Japanese man many years before.

The Tuesday devotional was also amazing.  A member of the Quorum of the Seventy spoke about the power of the Book of Mormon.,  As a mission president, heard from people that couldn't read that they felt the power of the Book of Mormon when they held it to their hearts.  His wife also talked about how during their 3 years as mission president, 2,000 people were baptized (Lisa note:  might be 12,000-his writing wasn't quite clear-looks like there is a 1 in front of the 2, but we don't want to inflate the number inaccurately) 62 chapels were built, and a temple was constructed.  All of that because of the testimonies of the young elders and sisters, who put Christ as their first priority, and wanted to share their testimonies with others.  This is what I'm doing - sharing my testimony of Christ, and I love it.

Elder Clark

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