Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'd like to bear my toasted money

Hola cada una!
Ok, so people have asked me if there is any food here that I don't like, and I have finally discovered it. It’s Broccoli chicken casserole. So the color is bad. Just think of a casserole type dish, except colored like broccoli, and a little more yellow than that. Yeah, it looks terrible. They melted cheese over the top to try to make it look somewhat appealing, but the cheese didn't look like it belonged on there at all. The worst part is the cheese was the best part. If the melted cheese on top of the food is better than the food its on, you know there is a problem. 

Thursday: P-day is really long when we don't get to go to the temple. However, people have been soliciting me to fix their ties, because I'm the only one in our district that knows how to sew, thanks to my awesome mother.

Friday: The TRC (teaching resource center, where we practice giving lessons) is still a really interesting experience. It’s hard to share a scripture with return missionaries to help them come closer to Christ. They always know all the scripture we share. I guess its helps us learn the lessons, and it is really good practice for us to figure out the needs of our investigators.

Saturday: Our teacher inspired us to get these awesome study journals. They're small binders with sections, so you can sectionalize your study journal, and even put pictures in the front and back, which is just way awesome. Our teacher also shared with us what he had in his, and the coolest thing was a personal topical guide. It’s so awesome! You can write down scriptures under each topic, give a brief summary of the story and the meaning of the verse. Yeah, I'm excited to fill up my sweet journal. 

Sunday: Sundays are always awesome. We always hear about five different talks in one day, and then there are the evening firesides. Stephen D. Allen, who is the president of the Missionary department, or something to do with missionary work, spoke to us. He is so funny, and knows how to make people interested. He showed us a bunch of commercials the church produced that have punch lines like "Its not who you aren't, it’s who you are, and being yourself is being great." During one of these clips, the Spirit flooded me so fast. I felt ocean waves of the Spirit going through me. It was so awesome! That was probably the strongest I've ever felt the Spirit before. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much! I learn so much everyday, and the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know, and I want to learn so much more! 

I'll send another letter home with more information about my week, so be expecting another update! 

Elder Clark

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