Sunday, July 24, 2011

The window is like your own personal TV, except there is nothing happeing.

Another good week gone by!
Thursday afternoon, some of my zone got to clean the temple! We used toothpicks and q-tips to clean out little crevices for abouty two hours. If I could clean anything for two hours, it would be the temple. Friday, my district had a fiesta with chips an salsa to celebrate our one month stay here! Today, I have a little under 4 weeks left here, which is absoulutly crazy. I'm so excited to get into the field and work. Saturday was also an awesome day, and we learned about the subjunctive tense. The subjuctive tense, from what I had heard about it, always seemed so difficult and weird, and that it was impossible to master. It was like subjunctive was what really makes or breaks how well you speak Spanish. I had this imagry of subjunctive being all hard and crazy and mighty, when in reality, its pretty much changing an e to an a or vise versa sometimes. I was a little disapointed that I wasn't going to be a able to conquer the beast I once thought subjunctive was, but atleast I know about it now. Sunday was again awesome, complete with an awesome fireside and a viewing of the Jospeh Smith video. During the Joseph smith video, I always feel the spirit, but this time, I felt it so strong testifying to me that Joseph Smith was a prohpet of God. It was amazing!
Monday, we discovered that the entire plan of salavation can't really be taught in 20 minutes, so we left our investigator with a super suspensful cliff hanger, promising to teach him about the attonment and Eternal life after. We had to stop teaching right before we explained the Atonement of Christ, which is central to God's plan. Tuesday, we found out Elder Spear is going to be our new district leader! It seeed like everybody new it was coming. Now I'm going to be the asistent to the District leader, which isn't really a leadership position doesn't really mean anything at all.
I will write home with other stories from this week, so expect another update!
Elder Clark

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