Friday, February 10, 2012

Photos 2/6/2012

 One of the 2 billboards you will in our area

 You will see lots of traffic at night and GPSs that tell lies

Waffle house is located every 2 blocks for your convienence.
No, really it is, theres like 5 withing 5 minutes of our apartment

Shortly behind "We Buy Gold"s are your "Checks Cashed", open
24 hours a day.
"We Buy Gold"s are the second most popular comercial
attraction, at least in our area, and they even speak Spanish. I guess
there is an excess of gold around.

Elder Laney and me. Elder Laney was my last companion, and he
just finished his mission. Elder Laney choose the backround of our
photo because the main water line to his apartment broke late at
night, and he wanted to remember the experience forever.

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