Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter From 2/21/2012

Jordan was short on time this week, so here is an excerpt from his letter to the family. His birthday is on the 27th if anyone wants to send a card.


I can't beleive I've been out for 8 months and that I'm turning 20 soon. I'm an adult?

So that super awesome family I talked about last week, we decided they're all super awesome, except the dad just doesn't want us to teach them right now, so now we're praying for them. We just have the oppurtunity to develope the Christ like attributes of patience and humility.

So yeah, I really actually nobody to talk about, except one investigator joven como nosotros, who we thought fell off the face of the earth for a while. He finally called us today and wanted to talk to us tonight, and we're not leaving his house untill he excepts a baptismal date. :)

Today was also zone conference, and Elder Galveret of the First quorem of the seventy was there. Super awesome zone conference. He talked about how right now, our mission goal of 500 baptism this year is nothing to the 100 a week we could be baptism according to our faith, heed, and diligence, and the will of the Lord. He wasn't saying we weren't good missionaries, but we should constantly strive for our best.

Elder Clark

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