Monday, February 20, 2012

They went to the wrong church!

Como estamos?

Its true, they did go to the wrong church, but it worked out.

We found the most amazing family of 7 this week. Well, actually we talked to one of their 5 kids outside their apartment about 2 weeks ago, but we taught them for the first time on Saturday, and it was probably the most amazing lesson I've ever been in, and it was nothing that we did. Their sons had a friend that had passed away just the week before, so we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation. The father told us as a kid in Mexico, he would would always pass by an LDS church, and he wanted to go, but he never did. He also told us about how he knew there was a lot of bad happeing in the world, and he wanted a way to help his kids avoid it. We talked about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ will help their family. When we told what the Gospel was, he said he always wondered what "gospel" meant, and we were the first to tell him what it was. The family use to pray together, but hasn't been recently, and are looking for a church to go to. They understand the importance of baptism. This family is so amazing! The Lord has really done a lot to prepare them to receive Gospel. Their daughter even wrote us a note thanking for coming over.

So we taught them this last Saturday, and they said they would come to church on Sunday. So we're at church, and they don't show up. They text us and tell us they went to the wrong church! The other church was just down the street from ours, and I guess we didn't explain very well which one was our church. In Georgia, you can't just say the church on Spalding drive near the library, because there is litterally 5 or 6. Anyway, so they waited until that church finished, and then came over to our church, about 10 minutes late to sacrament meeting. They said they enjoyed it.

We've also had a quite a few other people appearing out of nowhere and others with some big changes in their lives, so things are going amazing now, not that they don't always go amazing.

Remember the Lord in all things.

Clark the Elder

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