Monday, March 12, 2012

Faces in cakes



So Monday, I did have a good birthday. It was p-day, so the first part wasn't anything spectacular. In the evening, the Hermana that is in charge of the dinner calander through a suprise party for me. I wasn't really a surprise though, becuase its impossible for Elder May to tell lies. By suprise party, I mean the Family we were supposed to visit canceled on us, and then they and another family showed up at a family home evening we were at. Random side note, this branch loves to have Family home evenings with like 4 families, its pretty cool. So yeah, they also got me cake. They sang happy birthday in English, then Spanish, then "ya queremos pastel" (we want cake) then "que lo muerda" which means take a bite out of it and then we'll shove your face into it. I don't know why Americans don't push the birthday person''s face into cake, its really a great experience. One of the other Elders in our branch had his birthday yesterday, and he also got to enjoy cake in his face.

So we had another hope booster this week with that family of 7 I talked about a couple weeks back. We've been wating for a call from their dad, who said "yo les marco" which basically means "i'm telling you that I'll call you, but most likely means I won't" So we randomly stopped by their house. Amazingly, they pulled up right before us, making it the second time that has happened, which is kind of weird. So we parked out of sight and walked over to them. They told us that some of their family is in a really difficult situation. Luckily, there is a super good lawyer in the Cumorah Branch that is super cheap and every missionary has his number. So we were able to help this family a little bit, and hopefuly they're being humbled a little bit. The Father told us again that he called us, but it seamed a lot more likely this time.

We had a big tornado warning this week and there was crazy thunder and lightining with tons of rain, and even tornado sirens going off. We were ready in a moments notice to jump into the bathtub and put a mattress over us. The night passed, and the tornado came nowhere close to us, so that was exciting.

Lisa speaking: Just to show how the missionaries are taken care of, here is the extended version from the letter to the family

We did have a huge tornado warning, there were even tornado sirens in our area that went off for about 20 minutes at about 10 PM. The sirens were a few miles away though, so we could barely hear them. It did rain and thunder a lot that night, but that was it. President Wolfert wanted all the diistrict leaders to repart to the Zone leaders by 8 am the next day that everybody was safe, and wanted all zoneleaders to tell the Assistants before 9am, and he didn't want us leaving our apartment until he heard everybody was safe and the tornado had passed. So we were well taken care of. If the tornado had come, we were prepared to get in the bathtub under a mattress. I don't know if I would fit in the bathtub like that!

I have photos this week!

I hope all you guys had an awesome week to!

Elder Clark :)

Me and Cake!

Me standing awkwardly by the cake. The guy looking unsupicously is the one that pushed my face into the cake.

 Cake on my face! I didn't get to much.

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