Monday, March 26, 2012

Pollen, the snow of Georgia


So most exciting thing of this week is the very first Baptism invitation Elder Dudley extended was accepted! We've got a baptism coming up in a few weeks! The investigator, who is our age, is really ready to recieve the Gospel. He called us after one of the lessons we had and said he felt peaceful (meaning he felt the Spirit,) and he says at church, he feels like its home. Super awesome guy.

We've seen some other amazing miracles this week. Today, we were at an ATM machine, and this lady come up to us and said "After you walked past me, God told me to 'give those missionaries money'" We declined the money, and she ended up commiting to visit Another little miracle this week was we went up and started talking to a man. When we asked if him we could give him a card for our church, he said "perfect". We later invited to be baptized after we talked to him for a couple of minutes, and he said "perfect" again. Yes, baptism is the first step to how we can become perfect. He told us though that he works out of state a lot, and that he's only home on Weekends, so we're hoping next weekend turns out to be good. :)

Well, there it is, another awesome week with awesome things happening

Thanks Everybody!

Elder Clark

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