Monday, June 18, 2012

Una Cilla de problemas

Que pasa?

The weeks are flying by, and I've officially been out for over a year, but who's counting anyways? (My parents)

I've finally met somebody from San Jose! Jasmine, one of our recent converts (baptized 2 weeks before I came here) spent like the first 2 years of her life in San Jose, and was born in the Santa Clara Hospital like me! I'm pretty sure that's the hospital I was born in, its been a while and hard for me to remember. Anyways, Jasmine is also doing awesome missionary work, and has been talking to her sister about the Church, and now her sister in interested. To bad her sister doesn't live in our area.

This last week has been the week of people inviting us to sit on their porch and talk to them about the Gospel. I love Latinos and their humility and willingness to listen, and give it a try. In one of these porch conversation, we met a family that took the discussions in Guatemala, fed the missionaries a lot, and went to church for a while. The dad actually called us over "Los Mormones!" They had some good questions for us, and they all took copies of the Book of Mormon. The daughter told us how fun it was when they would all go play basketball right after church. Keep the Sabbath day holy? I don't know anymore.....

I also got to spend a couple of days this week on a bike working as an English missionary while Elder Andreasen went to a leadership meeting. It was great to be on a bike again for a few days, and realize that I'm out of shape. :) (coming from Mr. Biker before his mission!)

Again, sorry for the Shortness, but just know that even though its short, its full of love.

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

Our last day together as a district in Mellow Mushroom (awesome pizza restaurant) 

 Ulysis and his whole family, I love the deer right above my head

They have llamas in Georgia!

We took a p-day to go to Mexico. actually 'La mejor de Michoacan" is an awesome ice cream place. Its so awesome there are 3 on the same street

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