Monday, July 16, 2012

Did you forget how to say hi?


For all of you who aren't counting, I hit my 13th month mark yesterday, on the 15th.

Today, we found out about transfers! Well, I'm not going anywhere, but Elder Andreasen is. He's going to Norcross, my last area! My new companion is going to be Elder Cram. He was in my last district, so I've been around him before. If you can believe it, he's taller that me. Elder Dudley, my son (the missionary I trained) is going coming up here and going to be in the same branch as me with another missionary. Its going to be a good transfer. I'm sure Elder Andreasen is glad he only had to put up with me for one transfer. :)

Mariano is a really awesome investigator. We found him last week and he seemed super elect and ready to accept the Gospel, and he came to church yesterday and still seems that way. Every time we taught him this week, he talked about how he invited his friends and family and neighbors to church and how he wanted them to listen too. He was the only one that came to church, but it's still way awesome. The Jehovah's Witnesses showed up to one of our lessons to teach somebody else while we were teaching him outside, and they talked to us for a few minutes, but Mariano was unconvinced and still wants to get baptized. Right after we taught him, we contacted this crazy guy that believed that religion and the bible were created as a business by really smart beings, and how we'll all have our own gardens to tend after this life. Well, I'm sure if we wanted, we could all have our own gardens to tend.

Random fact: I love our branch president here, and he greats everybody with hugs.

There used to be a member that lived in this branch, but he moved to Puerto Rico a few months ago. Well, he called us yesterday and told he has a bunch of family living in this one apartment in our area. He basically told us to go over, knock on the door, say we knew him, and teach anybody in there that would listen to us. Well, amazingly, it worked. Everybody there speaks English though, so we had to pass them to the English Elders.

I hope you all enjoy your week!

Elder Clark

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