Monday, July 2, 2012

Impossible is not a word, its just a reason for someone not to try

It’s been a record setting week, as my parents have informed me that Friday, Atlanta had a record setting temperature of 106. I don't why anybody would want to be outside in that heat, but there are people, and it makes me happy because it means we have people to share the Gospel with.

Last Monday was kind of like a big slap in the face/ turning point for Elder Andreasen and I. You could say the first part of the transfer here hadn't been the most exciting of times, or least frustrating either. We both felt like absolutely nothing was happening. A big part of the reason was we had been a falling back from talking to everybody we see like we're supposed to. The slap in the face was when President Wolfert messaged us and told us very nicely that we weren't meeting the expected requirements, and that we needed to do better, and we would be blessed for doing better. The turning point was that night, when we decided we were going to talk to pretty much anything that moved. We went crazy, and had a crazy good time doing it. When the night was over, even though we had no new investigators, even though we had no return appointments, we felt better, like we had accomplished something. I know that when you do what you're supposed to do, what you've asked to do, you will be blessed, and you will be happier. That night, everybody we talked to was super nice, multiple people telling us that even though they weren't interested, they appreciated that we were doing the Lord's work. There was even a lady that pulled over to talk to us, to tell us that she really respected us for what we did, and wanted to have us come over for dinner sometime. She said she wasn't interested at all, but I'm pretty sure she'll get there someday. :)

So we're opening our mouths more now and talking to everybody enough that's crazy enough to be in the heat with us.

Disfruten sus semanas


Elder Clark II

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