Monday, July 9, 2012

You can count the number of seeds in an apple....

.... but you can't count the number of apples in a seed."-- A very wise return missionary that went on a team-up with us

Como le va?

Well this 4th of July was pretty awesome. Apparently when people are full of American pride, they actually like us! We had like 20 people give us water and another 20 tell us to keep cool and "God bless you." I definitely felt loved that day. :)

Sunday was also super awesome day, and it was Elder Andreasen's Birthday. We went on a team up with a return missionary guy who lives in Organ but is out here selling pest control. Yeah, weird story, anyways, we went looking for a former investigator, and ended up finding this other man who said he wanted to come to church, and that he wanted to invite all of his friends to come also. We thought that was pretty awesome. We ended up teaching him a lesson outside, and it went super awesome. Our team up, Adam, did an awesome job. He hadn't practiced Spanish in a while, so when he talked, you could tell he was concentrating really hard and putting in a lot of effort into what he was saying, and that really brought the Spirit into the lesson. Later that night, in just 30 minutes, he had gotten a man to agree to fix his car, and then gave him a Book of Mormon. He was definitely working the Spirit that night.

Pues, que tengan un buen semana

Elder Clark

Pictures: Its not the sun, it was an awesome lightning storm.

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