Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Well hello there.

This week has been awesome, and I'm stoked for these up coming weeks.

Mariano, our top investigator, is remember things we teach him! Sure, we've taught him the same things a few times, like 5 or 10, but he's getting it! He should be getting baptized in August! He's really funny, and repeats what we say, but he's an awesome guy. This week, he even asked to his boss to get Sunday's off before we told him to do it.

We found a new awesome family this week also. They're in a tight money situation, and one of the members of our branch was able to help them get food from the Bishop Storehouse. We delivered the food to them, and we were able to go back and teach them again. Only the mom and the kids were able to come to church, but she said she had read in the Book of Mormon, and we heard from her Husband that he was reading and liked the Book of Mormon. We also have some other awesome people to work with, so a lot should be happening this transfer.

We also had the joy and pleasure of helping set up for a pre-wedding party of a recently returned missionary in our branch. After we 3 tries of putting and taking down the decorations, we decided just to do it completely differently, and it turned out pretty awesome. Life lesson: life doesn't go the way you want it to, but it turns out better that way.

I found this week that Elder Cram has an incredible ability to kill hornets on people's porches with his shoes, taking care not only of they're spiritual needs, but also physical and pest control needs. We have a lot of fun together. :)

Awesome quote about the Savior

"Even as He calls us to come unto Him and follow Him, He is unfailingly running to help us." - Elder Holland

Thanks everybody!

Elder Clark

P.S. For you sports fans out there, the Atlanta Falcons had they're first practice this week

The Clarks are big here in Georgia :)

The aftermath of all of our hard work for the party

Elder Cram and Me with grumpy old man in the background 

 "Fire in the Sky." I seemed to be obsessed with pictures of the sky recently 

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